Planning Your Degree

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View the progress of your degree or certificate and plan future courses in Student Planning

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Adding Courses to Your Plan

  • 1. Choose a Program

    • On the My Progress screen, you will see your chosen degree or certificate program listed.  
    • To view requirements for a program other than the one listed, select View a New Program.

  • 2. View Course Requirements

    • Choose a requirement from the list.
    • Select Show Details to view courses you have completed or may complete to fulfill the requirement. 


    This student has selected the Business program and is looking for a class to fulfill their GEM 3 Mathematical Ways of Knowing requirement. 

    Screenshot of degree requirements in student planning

    • As you can see, the student has 0 of 1 requirements completed. 
    • The student may select a specific course, or click Search to view details of each course. 
  • 3. Plan Courses

    • Select the class you would like to take to fulfill the requirement, and select Add Course to Plan.

    Screenshot of My Progress course selection in Student Planning

    • Choose View Available Sections to see a list of available classes for the current semester.
    • Add Section to Schedule to see additional section details, choose a term, and add the section to your plan.
      • Note: The course is now planned, not registered for. 

    Course selection in My Progress in Student Planning