Connecting With Your Advisor

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Once accepted as a student, you will be assigned an advisor. Follow the steps below to find and send a message to your advisor in Student Planning

Log in to Student Planning

Select Go to Plan & Schedule to get started.

  • Find Your Advisor

    • Choose Advising from the menu at the top.

    Select Advising tab

    • Your advisor's name will appear under My Advisors.

    Advisor Not Listed?

    If an advisor is not listed, this section will say Advising Office as illustrated below. 

    • This means you have not yet been assigned an advisor.
    • Please reach out to for advising questions and assistance. 

    advising office with image icon decorative image

  • Message Your Advisor

    There are two ways to send a message to your advisor: 

    • Click on the email icon next to your advisor's name to send them a direct email.

    email icon

    • Send your advisor a message within Student Planning by composing a note.
    • Select Save Note to send your message. 

    Compose a note screenshot from Student Planning

    View Note History to view messages and feedback from your advisor. 

    • All notes will be saved here for reference. 
    • Notes may not be edited or deleted once they are saved.
  • Request a Review

    After planning your classes, you may also request a review of your plan from your advisor by selecting Request Review

    Request Review from Advisor