Updating Your Contact Information

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Your personal identity, mailing address, email, and phone number may be updated in your Self-Service Toolkit

Log in to Self-Service

  • Select User Options from the left menu options, then User Profile

User Options User Profile

  • Personal Identity

    • To add or update your desired pronouns, select Edit Personal Identity.

    Edit Personal Identity button

    • Choose your preferred pronouns from the drop-down list, then click Save

    Identity Details with Drop down selection

  • Mailing Address

    • To submit an address change request, select Add New Address

    Add new Address button

    • Complete your address details, then click Add Address

    Enter Address Details

    • Once your new address is added, you will receive an email confirming this request.
    • Address change requests may take up to one week to process. 

    Note: Changing your legal address may impact your residency status. As such, current students are asked to additionally complete a Residency Redetermination Form

  • Email

    In the Email Addresses section, you will see your student email address listed. 

    • Select Add New Email  to add an additional email address.

    Add New Email

    • Enter your email address and indicate the type.
    • Email addresses added here may be used by the College as an additional way to contact you. 

    Enter Email Details screen

    • You may not edit or remove your student email address in Self-Service. That said, any email address you add may be edited or removed. 

    Pencil and X options

  • Phone Number

    • Select Add New Phone to add a new phone number.

    Add a Phone Button

    • Enter your phone number and type, then click Add Phone.

    Enter Phone Details

    • Phone numbers listed in this section may be edited and removed at any time.

    Pencil and X selections