Registering for Classes

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Students earning a degree or certificate may register for classes through Student Planning

Log in to Student Planning

Once logged in, select Go to Plan and Schedule to get started.

Student planning screenshot

right arrow icon Prior to registering for classes, be sure to complete your annual Student Financial Agreement

Steps to Register

  • 1. Choose a Semester

    Calendars default to the current semester.

    • Use the arrows to go back to view previous semesters or forward to register for future semesters.
    • Use the plus button to add a new semester. 

    Schedule semester

  • 2. Search for Courses

    • If courses have not been planned for the new semester, use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to identify specific courses you would like to take.

    Plan and Register course selection status

    • Enter the subject and course number you want to search for, then click the search button,

    Plan your degree screenshot

    • Once the course appears, select Add Course to Plan.

    Add Course to Plan

    • A pop up box will appear with course information including pre-requisites, co-requisites, and a course description. Select the semester you would like this course added to, and select Add Course to Plan.

    Spring Semester example of classes in Student Planning

    • The course is now listed in your plan. Please note this does not actually register you for the class.
  • 3. View Planned Courses

    • Select Back to Plan & Schedule on the top right of the page. 

    Search bar

    • Confirm the correct semester is showing. If the correct semester is not showing, use the arrows to navigate to the correct semester.

    Select Semester

    • The course you previously added to your plan should now be populating next to your calendar.

    Schedule Filter selection

  • 4. Select Course Section

    A course section number specifies the date, time, location, as well as the instructor of a course.

    • To view available sections of your chosen course, select View other sections. Many courses may have several pages of course sections to view. Use the filters to narrow down the information. 

    View other Selections

    • To filter course information, select Filter Sections.
      • Note: Selecting too many filters may severely limit the number of classes displayed. 

    Filter Section

    8-week Classes

    Courses are offered in various lengths which you may select when choosing a course section. CWI offers a variety of session lengths, including 8-week sessions, which are marked with the icon below.

    8-week calendar icon Learn more about 8-week classes

  • 5. Add Course Section

    • Once you have selected a course section to fit your schedule, click on the course. 

    Planned Courses

    • A pop up box will appear showing the instructor's name and email, course information, and any pre- or co-requisites. Confirm this information, then select Add Section
    Section Details
    • You will see the register now button in anticipation of you adding the course.
      • Note: The course is now planned, not registered.
  • 6. Complete Registration

    Note: You are NOT registered until this step is complete and your course is GREEN.

    • Select the Register button on the left if you are registering for a single course (e.g., PSYC 101).
    • Select the Register Now button on the right if your course requires a requisite (e.g., CHEM 101 and CHEM 101L). 

    View other sections filtered view

    • Classes you are successfully registered for will appear in green.

    Add Section

    • You are not registered for any classes that do not appear in green. If your registration did not go through, check for notifications in the drop down menu on the top right of your screen to determine the cause. 


    • If the notification drop down menu does not appear, select the yellow box in the top right next to the Help box to view all notifications.

    click on the yellow box on the top right, next to the help box. This will show all notifications.