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Many students find online courses offer the added benefits of convenience, flexibility, and cost savings for transportation. However, if you are unsure about taking courses through a virtual campus delivery model, we are here to help you with this.

CWI offers choices for students to determine which delivery method is best for them. CWI is dedicated to providing helpful tips, tricks, and general information to set the groundwork for a successful online and/or remote experience. Students can also visit the online resource guide throughout the duration of your courses to refresh your digital skills and find resources to help you overcome roadblocks.

CWI's Response to COVID-19

As we continue to navigate the changes happening around us, CWI remains committed in our mission to deliver quality education to all of our students, regardless of the format. We will continue to keep our students updated during this time, and ask you to visit our COVID-19 area for more information.

Facing Your Online Fears

Fear and anxiety related to learning can be overwhelming, especially if you have to change the learning environment with which you have become familiar. We recognize the hardships our students are facing right now and are here to help you take care of your mental health.

Take advantage of the following mental health and wellness resources, as well as safety net resources for CTE students:

The Idaho COVID-19 Hotline is 1.888.330.3010. Press 6 to speak with a mental health professional. Hotline hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

If you or someone you know needs support with basic needs, review the list of community resources available in the Treasure Valley

Open Computer Labs

A limited number of seats will be available and may require a reservation to use. Safety procedures and social distancing protocols will be strictly adhered to and enforced.

Computer Lab Hours

Virtual Events

Student Affairs offers a full calendar of remote & virtual events, as well as links to resources to keep you connected to CWI, your student government, and each other.

Find Events

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What equipment/software do I need to take classes online?

    Some classes will be asynchronous and not require anything beyond a computer and internet access. Others may require you to have headphones or speakers, microphone, and possibly a camera. Many computers nowadays have microphone and camera built in but not all.

    CWI Library has a number of laptops, video camera, and other technology available for checkout upon request.

    Additionally, those looking to purchase equipment can find reduced prices for computers and internet access here.

    All major cell phone providers have signed on to an FCC agreement making all Wireless Hotspots available to anyone regardless of carrier or contract. As many of these hotspots are located in public areas, please observe social distancing and other precautions.

  • What support services and resources are offered to online students?

    • CWI faculty and staff are working remotely to deliver operations and services online. You can access One Stop by calling, 208.562.3000 or by emailing, or contact your student success advisors online. 
    • Classes Online:
      • Classes will resume online Monday, April 6, 2020 and the semester has been extended one week, ending Saturday, May 16, 2020.
      • The majority of CWI course instruction will take place online for the remainder of the extended semester. Any exceptions will be communicated to you through your instructor or department chair.
      • All lecture classes have been moved to an online format and will commence Monday, April 6. The exceptions are specific lab courses which will start in May. 

        • If you are registered for a lab course that requires in-person instruction you will hear from your faculty.

    CWI is deemed an essential business for students who must complete hands-on work in specific labs. It is our intent to begin offering face to face opportunities in May utilizing the current social distancing guidelines as well as limiting the number of participants in each lab. CWI will also be implementing strict sanitizing protocols in each distinct lab course. These can be found in the Computer Lab protocol.

    • Please review the Computer Lab protocol in preparation for a May lab start. We will be strictly adhering to these guidelines. More details will be provided by your instructors within the next two weeks as they finalize arrangements.

    • Please stay tuned to the COVID-19 page for up to date information on our response to new developments in CDC Guidance.

    • CWI faculty and staff are committed to helping all students transition to an online learning environment as easily and seamlessly as possible. Guidelines and resources are available prior to the start of classes on April 6 to ensure all students are prepared, as well as ongoing support throughout the semester to keep you on track.
  • What technical knowledge will help me succeed at taking online courses?

    Before registering for an online course, you should be able to answer YES to the following questions.

    Computer Use and Time Management

    Are you comfortable with using computers? You should be able to:

    • Easily access, send and receive e-mail.
    • Attach documents to send in an e-mail.
    • Identify different file types such as a .doc, .txt, .jpg, etc., and know what those extensions mean.
    • Perform searches for information on the Internet.
    • Easily switch between applications such as email, Microsoft Word, and a PDF reader.

    Do you have good time management skills? You will need to:

    • Schedule sufficient time each week to complete all of your coursework.
    • Adjust daily routines so you can study when you are alert and can focus on your coursework.
    • Revise your weekly schedule to ensure you can submit assignments before their due dates.

    Communication, Teamwork and Motivation

    • Can you easily put your ideas in writing?
    • Is interacting with other students important to you?
    • Are you a self-starter, and can you assert yourself to complete tasks?
  • Are the College of Western Idaho Online Learning programs and courses comparable in quality to on-campus programs?

    Online programs and courses are comparable in quality to those taught on-campus. All of our online faculty must complete an online instructor certification course and are exceptionally well trained to design and teach online courses. In fact, a large number of our on-campus faculty teaches our online courses.

  • For Faculty

    Transitioning to an online classroom in a short amount of time is a large undertaking. CWI is committed to helping faculty deliver the same level of quality instruction your students have come to know.

    Faculty Online Resource Guide

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