Can any student get a work-study job?

No. Work study jobs are only available to eligible students with a work study award. Request work study funding.

How can I get work-study funds?

Students receive a paycheck twice a month (all CWI employees are paid on the 10th and 25th of each month) for hours worked. Students receive wages up until their earnings equal the amount they were awarded.

How much do work-study jobs pay?

 At least the current federal minimum wage. Wages vary and are listed in the job description.

How much will I receive?

  •  Total work study funds depend upon:Availability of work study funds.
  • Financial need.
  • Availability of other types of financial aid.
  • Enrollment plans (i.e. full-time or part-time)

What is the work-study program?

Work study is a part-time, hourly position meant to help meet education costs. Find more information on the work study page.

When can I begin searching for a work-study job?

After you request work-study funding, you may be awarded work-study as part of your financial aid package. Once you accept the work-study award, you may start searching for job listings. Available work-study jobs are posted online and updated frequently on the work-study job listings page....

Where can I work?

CWI has jobs at all of it's locations as well as a few off-campus jobs. Each job posting will have a location posted along with it. For more information about the job specifics, contact the supervisor of the position.

Why do some students receive work study-funds when others don’t?

With limited funding for work-study awards, CWI gives priority to students who complete their FAFSA applications and the work-study funding request form online. Once these steps are complete, most students are granted funding quickly. A re-evaluation process throughout the year ensures that...