If I pass a nursing PLA test will I automatically be accepted in the Professional Nursing Program?

Successful passing of any nursing prior learning assessment test does not ensure admission to the Professional Nursing Program. Students interested in the Professional Nursing Program will need to apply for possible admission.

Is there a limit of how many times I may attempt the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Exam?

Yes. There is only one attempt per calendar year allowed for the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Exam. 

My Health Science progress report already has a math course listed under the math requirements section. I want to use a different math course for my nursing application. Can I do that?

You can use any GEM 3 course that you have completed with a 'C' or higher as long as it is listed on your Health Science Progress Report.  Circle the course you would like to use on the application.

What is the process for demonstrating current competency in math and science courses that are older than 7 years?

The following information is provided as a guideline.  For assistance in this process, please work with your assigned Student Success Advisor.

Math Class Option

For students to show competency in math courses that are seven (7) years or older, students may choose to do the...