Do I have to take a CWI 101 related to my major?

Each section of CWI 101 has the same learning outcomes as the other and fulfills the requirement for any student. Students should select a topic that is interesting to them and that fits with their schedule. It does not have to relate to their major.

Do I have to take CWI 101 if I have already earned a degree?

If you have earned an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor degree or higher, you are not required to enroll in CWI 101.

Do I need to take CWI 101?

All new students who are seeking an AA or AS degree need to take CWI 101. Some students who have taken more than 18 credits at another college may be able to take a different General Education course.

Should I take CWI 101 In-Person, Hybrid/Hyflex, or Online?

Unless you are enrolled in a fully online degree, it is recommended you take an in-person or hybrid/hyflex section of CWI 101. Content of the online sections of CWI 101 are geared to the fully online student experience.

What if I don't need to take CWI 101?

A.A. and A.S. transfer students who have more than 18 college credits (100 level or above) and meet the other requirements above will still need to fulfill the 36-credits of General Education Core.  These students can select CWI 101 or another General Education course to fulfill that...

When do I have to take CWI 101?

CWI 101 is required during a student’s first semester at CWI.