How do I access Blackboard?

1. Go to
2. You’ll be presented with a screen that asks for your Username and Password.
3.Your username and password will be the same as what you use to access your MyCWI account and your student email account. For...

How do I access email from home, using a web browser?

Accessing email from home may be done via online web access (OWA) by using your browser to go to: Alternatively you can follow an email link through various places such as blackboard, mycwi, or the homepage.

Once the email page opens, you will...

How do I access my OneDrive?

Login to your email at Click on the square of boxes in the top left corner and then click on OneDrive.

Download Full Instructions

How do I access my student email, student OneDrive and other Microsoft Office Applications?

Steps to Take:
1. Go to
2. For your Microsoft Office 365 ID, enter your CWI email address (Example: wiith no...

How do I access/view my financial aid awards?

Go to and login. Go to MYTOOLKITFORSTUDENTS > Financial Aid. Click the year you would like to look at and then submit. This will show you the awards, their amounts, their status, and the total awarded for the year.


How do I attach a file to an Outlook email?

In Outlook application, create new message. There will be options at the top to attach files and items. In Outlook web, create new message. There will be a paperclip for option to attach files. Please refer to the attached files for more detail.


How do I change my Blackboard/MyCWI/Email password?

When you update your CWI password, you will also need to update any computing device that may be using your old password to sign in to CWI apps, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. With these devices, you would have some point used them to access your CWI email accounts and or the...

How do I refresh my internet browser and how do I clear my internet browser's cache?

Summary: Below are steps to take to complete to perform a hard refresh, reload of a page within a browser and how to clear the cache from your browser (browser specific)Steps-to-Take:Before you clear your browser cache, you may want to try this step...

How do I set up email on my Apple product including computer, iPhone and iPad using the Microsoft Outlook app.

Go to the App Store and download the Outlook Email app

Open the app, enter your email address and then hit Add Account  

It will now open up to our organizational sign on page

Enter your CWI email, password and click Sign In


How do I set up multi-factor authentication for my CWI account?

After Information Technology has activated multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your CWI account, you will be prompted to follow the attached screens to add your security verification. This could occur through multiple ways (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, Teams, etc.). ...

How do I setup and operate a ZOOM conference?

When you get to the point ready to join a meeting; before you select “Join with Computer Audio”, please select FIRST: “Test speaker and microphone.” This will allow you to test the speaker and microphone on your system to ensure you can hear the other party and they can...

How do I troubleshoot Basic computer issues

Before reporting a technical issue to your instructor or Helpdesk, check the following items. This only applies to desktop computers, such as Windows 10 or Apple Computer, not tablets like iPads or a smartphone.

  • Always click “Yes” “Accept” “Continue
  • ...

How do I update my personal information so I can receive CWI Alerts Messaging?

Use a web browser to visit:
Click on the My Toolkit tab
Click on my Toolkit for Employees (or Students)
Click on Employee Profile (not needed for students)
Click on...

How do students download Office 365 for free?

Students can download Office 365 for free. Login to your email at Click on the nine dots on the top left corner, click Office365 and then Install Office365

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