The purpose of this document is three-fold. First, this document is designed to assist the College of Western Idaho Faculty Promotion Committee in the review of portfolios in aiding alignment of rank with work, activities, and impact. Second, this document serves to educate and communicate to administration the work that has been done at rank and illuminate the engagement of faculty at the various levels of rank. Third, this document provides examples for faculty and supervisors about how faculty work that has been performed can be aligned with rank.


This document is reviewed and updated yearly by the Faculty Promotion Committee. The contents are compiled from the promotion portfolios submitted each cycle. The document is reflective in nature rather than proscriptive; therefore, it does not need to be reviewed and approved in the same way as the promotion rubrics or job descriptions.


This document reflects work and impact that has been reported. It will be updated yearly to reflect the evolving nature of work and impact being reported as CWI grows. The document is not exhaustive, nor is it in any way meant to proscribe what work faculty need to be performing at rank or in order to achieve rank.

This document is divided into three sections: Instruction, Institutional Engagement, and Professional Development. These sections reflect the areas on which faculty are assessed and that they report in the promotion portfolio. These three areas are each further divided by rank: Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. Faculty are only assessed for promotion on the first three ranks, but the information for the rank of Professor is included to assist the FPC in understanding performance across the entire spectrum of rank.

The impact of an activity, not the activity itself, determines alignment with rank. The document gives an estimation of where activities may align.