Associate Professor Rank Description

  • Pursue professional opportunities and relationships to improve student, personal, and school success.
  • Contribute to, collaborate in, and develop school-level initiatives.
  • Contribute to planning and/or assessment at department/program and the school’s level.

Observed actions

  • Leadership of department/program, or school, committees/workgroups/ initiatives/projects
    • Program Chair
    • Department chair
    • Lead curriculum guide development and workgroups
  • School level committees/ workgroups/initiatives/projects
    • First Semester Experience/ CWI 101
    • CWI CTE Leadership Committee
    • Gen Ed Steering Committee
    • Visiting Lecturer
  • Publish original research
  • School scholarship committee
  • Assist researchers from other institutions
  • Presentation at regional and national conferences
  • Mentor adjuncts and other FT faculty
  • Instruction of OIC/HIC
  • Member of Faculty Senate and its subcommittees
  • Inservice presenter
  • PACE Program and Career Expo Event presenter
  • CWI trek volunteer
  • Outreach with other Idaho institutions on behalf of the department/program or school
  • Team teaching outside the department/program

The impact of this work can be demonstrated through

  • Effective use of professional opportunities and relationships with other institutions or organizations to improve student, personal, and departmental/programmatic success
  • Value added to department/program and school initiatives
  • Effectiveness in leading instructional, and programmatic assessment
  • Value added to strategic planning at school level

The impact can be measured in

  • Performance evaluations
  • Cover Letter