Professor Rank Description

  • Model inclusive, student-centered pedagogy to meet the unique needs of CWI’s diverse community college population.
  • Model continuous, self-reflective, collaborative mastery of course curriculum, content delivery, assessment, and responsiveness to student needs.
  • Demonstrate a consistent record of teaching excellence.
  • Develop, revise, recommend, and/or lead initiatives concerning curriculum, courses, and programs.

Observed actions

  • Consistent record of teaching excellence as shown in student/formal evaluations, self-reflection
  • Curriculum
    • Lead development and proposal of new curriculum
    • Participate in inter-institutional alignment discussions
    • Alignment of secondary and post-secondary curriculum
  •  Efforts toward improvement are based on self-assessment and self-reflection. Efforts toward improvement are assessed and revised appropriately. Experience with self-reflective practice and pedagogy is shared with others.
    • Develop strategies for inclusive, student-centered pedagogy Develop courses new to the instructor
    • Develop courses in format new to the instructor
    • Revision of instructor’s own course curriculum, delivery, interaction with students
    • Participate in Peer Review of courses
    • Use assessment tools, which may include those available from CTL, to evaluate effectiveness of instruction
    • Revision of instruction is clearly tied to assessment of instruction
    • Revision of instruction is continuous
    • Experience and efforts in revision and assessment of instruction are modeled and used to mentor other faculty

The impact of this work can be demonstrated through

  • Student achievement in own courses
  • Student retention in own courses
  • Effectiveness of curriculum at department/program, school, and institutional level
  • Effectiveness of leadership in curriculum development
  • Effectiveness of continuous improvement of course curriculum, content delivery, assessment, and responsiveness to student needs
  • Effectiveness of modeling and mentoring
  • Value added to department/program, school, institution, and beyond

The impact can be measured in

  • Student evaluations
  • Performance evaluations