Instructor Rank Description

  • Develop professional relationships to familiarize oneself with the college, its resources, and systems.
  • Engage in service activities that support student and personal success.
  • Become conversant with department/program-level initiatives.
  • Understand and engage with planning and/or assessment at department/program level.

Observed actions

  • Personal and department-level committees/workgroups/initiatives/projects
    • Hiring committee for faculty
    • Hiring committee for department chair
    • Gen Ed and curriculum design series attendance
    • Participation in student enrichment activities
    • Volunteer at college events
    • Creation of program information and flyers
    • Program review participation
    • Participation in department mission statement drafting
    • Participation in common exam construction in subject area
    • Textbook committee
    • Participation in the revision or editing of curriculum

The impact of this work can be demonstrated through

  • Effective use of professional relationships
  • Value added to course and department

The impact can be measured in

  • Performance evaluations
  • Cover Letter