Professor Rank Description

  • Pursue professional opportunities and relationships to improve student, personal, school, and college success.
  • Develop, pursue, and contribute to college-level initiatives.
  • Lead and contribute to planning and/or assessment at the school and college level.

Observed actions

  • Participation in and/or leadership of college level committees/initiatives/projects
    • Culture and Employee Engagement Committee
    • CWI Student Conduct Board Committee
    • Academic Technology Advisory
    • Phi Theta Kappa advisor
    • Connections Project Organizer
    • Hybrid Standards Committee Member
    • Computer Literacy Committee
    • Retention Committee
    • Lead ATAC
    • Sustainability
    • Leader of Faculty Senate or its subcommittees
    • Lead programmatic curriculum development, including new courses
  • Participation and/or leadership of state level committees/ workgroups/initiatives/ projects
    • State Board of Ed Remediation Workgroup: Delivery Model
    • State Board of Education Committee 11-12th Grade College Readiness
    • State placement standardization
    • General Education Annual Summit
  • Leadership in community work/committees (as CWI representative)
  • Significant contribution to institutional planning

The impact of this work can be demonstrated through

  • Effective use of professional opportunities and relationships with other institutions/organizations to improve student, personal, departmental/programmatic, school, and institutional success
  • Value added to department/program, school, and institutional initiatives
  • Effectiveness in mentoring future leaders
  • Effectiveness in leading instructional, programmatic, and institutional planning or assessment

The impact can be measured in

  • Performance evaluations