Viewing Your Progress Towards Graduation

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View My Progress

How to View Progress Towards Graduation

Access Student Planning located within myCWI.

Login to Student Planning using your CWI username and password. Remember that your username is all lowercase.

Click on “My Toolkit,” then “My Toolkit for Students.”

Toolkit for students

Click on “Plan & Register.”

Toolkit expanded

Click on “Plan & Register” again.

Plan and Register expanded

Click on the box that reads “View Your Progress.”

View your progress

On this screen you will see the requirements for the current program you are enrolled in.

Current Major page

*Note: Your progress report will show all of the courses that you have taken at CWI or at other schools if you have had an outside transcript evaluated. These courses will be placed in their associated categories. Under “Requirements,” you will see a long list of courses some of which might be in red (not started), yellow (planned), and green (completed). These courses are broken down into General Education, Major Requirements, and Elective sections.

Degree Requirements

*Note: Not all of the courses listed under some requirements are required. Pay close attention to the instructions on each requirement (see highlighted example below). Always check in with your Student Success Advisor as you have questions about your program requirements.

Advanced study