Viewing Your Progress Towards Graduation

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Student planning can be accessed through your myCWI account. Log into your myCWI with your user name and password.

Select “My Toolkit”

My Toolkit button

From the home screen choose “student planning”.

Student Planning link

Select “go to my progress”

View your progress

On this page you will see your current program that you are enrolled in, the number of credits required for the program and how many credits you have completed.

Note that your progress will show all of the courses you have taken at CWI and transferred in from other institutes.

Course information screen

Courses showing under your requirements will be listed in different colors.
Red means that the course is not started

Red Background with Words Not Started for course information

Yellow with a clock means that the course is in your plan

Tan background with the Word Planned

Yellow with a check means you are registered for the upcoming or current semester

Tan background with the word Registered

Green means that you have completed the requirement

Green background with wording of Completed

*NOT ALL COURSES LISTED UNDER EACH REQUIREMENT ARE REQUIRED. Pay attention to the instructions stating how many classes are required. All classes that fall under that requirement are listed, but you only need to choose the number required for that category.

See the example below several classes are listed, but directions state that only 2 Gem 5 courses from different disciplines are required.

Different disciplines means that the courses cannot start with the same letters, (for example both classes can’t start with ARTS)

Course listings with words complete two GEM 5 Courses