Registering for Classes

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Registering for Courses

How to register for courses in Student Planning

To begin, access Student Planning located within myCWI

Login to Student Planning using your CWI username and password. Remember, your username is always lowercase.

Click on “My Toolkit,” then “My Toolkit for Students.”

my toolkit screenshot

Click on “Plan & Register.”

Student planning screenshot

Notice that both “Student Account Consent” and “Confirm Emergency Contact Info” say “Must be completed before registration.”

Students are required to complete both items each semester that they intend to register. Be sure to complete these items before clicking “Plan & Register” again.

Plan and Register screenshot

Click on “Plan & Register” again.

Plan and Register screenshot

Once you arrive at the Self-Service screen in Student Planning, click on the box that reads “Plan your Degree & Register for Classes.”

Plan your degree screenshot

Check the calendar date.

The calendar page defaults to the most current term. Be sure you are viewing the term you want to register for. To move across terms, click the arrows to the left of the term listed on the page. The arrow that points to the right will take you to future terms.

Spring Semester example of classes in Student Planning

If there are no courses planned for the semester, you can use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to identify specific courses you would like to plan for.

Plan your Degree and Schedule your courses

Type in the subject and course number that you want to search for, then click the search icon.

Search bar

Once you have found the course in your search results, click on “Add Course to Plan.”

Course Description and Course to plan

A pop-up box will appear. Scroll down in the box until you see the option to select a “Term.” From the dropdown menu, select the term you want to plan the course for. Then click on “Add Course to Plan.”

Screenshot of course detail select a term drop down

The course has been added, but it is not yet registered. At the top of the screen, click “Back to Plan & Schedule.”

Back to plan & Schedule

Be sure you have returned to the correct semester that you are planning for. If not, use the arrows to move across terms.

Term arrows to select term

When the appropriate terms is selected, you should now see your planned course.

Planned Courses

Choose course section.

Click on “View other sections” to see every section of the course that is offered for that semester. Notice the number of pages of search results. If there are several pages, you may want to narrow down your options with filters.

View other sections

To filter, click on “Filter Sections” and use the appropriate filters based on your needs.

Remember: If you select too many filters, you may filter out all of the results, which is why we recommend only using a few.


Filter Sections search

Once your filters have been applied, noticed if the number of page results has changed. Find a section that fits with your schedule and click on the course.

View other sections filtered view

Click on “Add Section.”

Add Section

Now you can see that the course is listed as “Planned” in yellow. Being “planned” means you are not yet registered for the course.


Method 1: Registering For Courses One At A Time

*Note: This method cannot be used when registering for courses with co-requisites (i.e. CHEM 101 and CHEM 101L,, ENGL 101P and 100, etc.).

To register for one course at a time, click the “Register” button listed with the course.


Once the course turns green and switches from “Planned” to “Registered, but not started” or “Registered,” then you have successfully registered for the course.

Registered Green with Check mark

*Note: If a course remains yellow, see your notifications in the top right hand corner for errors.


Method 2: Registering For All Courses At Once

To register for all planned courses at the same time, click the “Register” button listed with the course.

Register now button image

Once the courses turn green and switch from “Planned” to “Registered, but not started” or “Registered,” then you have successfully registered for the course.

Check mark with Registered  in green

*Note: If a course remains yellow, see your notifications in the top right hand corner for errors.

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