Locating your Student ID Number

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How to find your student ID number in Student Planning

To begin, access Student Planning located within myCWI


Access Student Planning using your CWI username and password. Remember, your username is always lowercase.

Choose "Student Planning."

loading a sample course plan

Click on Box two “Plan Your Degree and Register for Classes.”

Plan you degree and register for classes

On the left hand side choose “User Options.” Then choose “user profile.” There you will find your Student ID number.

User Options then choose user profile

The "About You" page will show your Colleague ID which is the same as your Student ID.

Student ID

Another way you can find your Student ID number is to sign in to your Student Planning account and choose the drop down in the upper right hand corner.

User Profile selection

Click on the arrow and a menu will appear

User Profile

Click on “User Profile” where you will see your student ID number. 

Student ID

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