Number: STU 050
Effective: December 1, 2016
Department: Student Affairs
Last Revision: January 18, 2017


To provide for the implementation of a financial aid program for eligible students at CWI.


Applies to all students at CWI who may be eligible for financial aid


The College seeks to offer a broad range of financial aid to its students in order to assist students in financial need, to encourage and improve academic standing and performance, and to diversify the campus and ensure equal opportunity. The College shall fully inform students about opportunities for financial assistance to attend college, and shall facilitate their use of those opportunities. Grants and scholarships will be encouraged over student loans. The Director of Financial Aid is designated by federal definition as the institutional compliance officer for financial aid.

All financial aid awards will adhere to the guidelines, procedure, and standards issued by the funding agencies, and will incorporate federal, state, and other applicable regulatory requirements.