Number: STU 010
Effective: March 3, 2016
Department: Student Affairs
Last Revision: February 9, 2017


To establish guidelines regarding student political activities on CWI’s campus.


Applies to all CWI students


CWI students: individuals enrolled in any capacity as a student at CWI.

Political activities: actions that endorse or oppose a political candidate, a political party, or a political action committee (PAC); taking a position on an issue for the purpose of assisting or opposing a political candidate or political party in a campaign; or otherwise supporting a candidate, political party, or PAC.


CWI respects the rights of its students as citizens to engage in local, state and national politics. However, because CWI is a public entity, and to ensure the orderly operations of the College, CWI’s students must observe the following guidelines regarding political activity. Further, students may not engage in political activity which is disruptive or interferes with CWI’s educational mission. This policy is not intended to prohibit CWI students from exercising their freedom of speech or political association.


  1. CWI’s students are free to express their political opinions and engage in political activities so long as they do so only in their individual capacities and they avoid even the appearance that they are speaking or acting for CWI. Students taking political positions for themselves or groups with which they are associated should clearly indicate by words and actions that their positions are not those of CWI and are not being taken in an official capacity on CWI’s behalf.
  2. Political activities hosted at but not sponsored by CWI may be undertaken in compliance with CWI’s policies and procedures. Similarly, student political clubs and organizations may invite candidates or campaigns to speak on campus. The use of CWI’s facilities for such a purpose shall require compliance with CWI’s facility use policies and procedures. Posters, social media, emails and websites advertising any such event should include a disclaimer that the opinions expressed will be neither the opinions of CWI nor are they sanctioned by CWI. CWI’s policies and procedures regarding the use of its facilities shall not discriminate against political organizations or candidates on the basis of their particular political viewpoint.
  3. Student publications may run editorials expressing the editor’s views on candidates for public office, provided that the editorial page indicates that the views expressed therein are those of the student editors and not those of CWI.
  4. Student clubs and organizations are prohibited from either directly or indirectly making any contribution of public funds or property to a political organization, candidate, or cause.
  5. The placement of political posters and banners are subject to CWI’s guidelines regarding posters and banners on campus and may be limited to designated locations.
  6. The distribution of campaign material may be limited to designated locations and may not be disruptive of the workplace or interfere with CWI’s educational mission.
  7. CWI’s supplies, materials, equipment, telephones, printing or copying services and its email service may not be used to promote or oppose a political candidate or organization. Students may not use CWI emails when contacting any elected politician when stating a personal opinion, and should only use their personal or non-CWI email.