Number: STU 000
Effective: November 1, 2010
Last Reviewed: September 7, 2023
Department: Admissions and One Stop
Last Revision: September 7, 2023


To state CWI’S open admissions policy for persons wishing to attend CWI and to provide guidelines for CWI’S application process.


Applies to all persons wishing to attend CWI either as a degree-seeking student or non-degree seeking student.


Full Admission: When an applicant submits all admission materials and high school documentation showing graduation or its equivalent, or a college transcript showing Associate degree or higher has been conferred.

Conditional Status: When an applicant has been using in progress high school information from the State of Idaho Direct Admissions application. Once One Stop Student Services reviews an official transcript with final grades, the student will be assigned a final admission status. Admission under conditional status may remain in effect for no longer than one semester. Students will not be able to register for subsequent semesters until they submit an official transcript showing graduation or its equivalent.


CWI welcomes anyone seeking its educations benefits and services. In fulfilling this goal, CWI is an open admission institution. Any applicant who has received a high school diploma or its equivalent is eligible for admission to CWI. CWI publishes admission guidelines and procedures for its various programs of study and services in its institutional catalog. This information is also made available on CWI’s website.


Individuals seeking admission to CWI are encouraged to apply online at; however, a paper application will also be accepted by email at

Applicants are encouraged to provide a Social Security Number (SSN) at the time of application. Though not required for admission, a SSN is required for applicants applying for federal financial aid. Moreover, the SSN helps CWI identify students thereby avoiding the creation of a duplicate record.

Notice: The falsification, omission, or willful concealment by an applicant of any information requested, whether on application forms or other required documents, is grounds for denial of admission or dismissal from CWI.

Application Requirements: Degree-Seeking Applicants

All application materials must be submitted prior to the admission deadline. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for more details. Applicants can check their admission status by logging into their account.

To be eligible for admission applicants must:

  1. Be 18 or older;
  2. Submit a completed application for admission;
  3. Submit at least one of the following scores obtained by the applicant no more than three years before the first day of class:
    1. ACT test scores
    2. SAT test scores
    3. CWI Math Diagnostic scores and Write Class Placement results; or
    4. Scores from the Math and Writing sections of the COMPASS test.
  4. Submit one of the following:
    1. An accredited official high school or home school transcript showing graduation or showing completion through junior level coursework and proof of current enrollment;
    2. Official GED transcripts with an overall pass posted;
    3. DD 214 form showing high school graduation or equivalency; or
    4.  An official regionally accredited college transcript showing an Associate’s degree or higher conferred.

Students who are unable to provide a high school transcript are encouraged to email with the subject line “High School Transcript Exception” describing the issue. A staff member from One Stop Student Services will follow-up.

International Admission

International applicants must submit additional materials as noted on the International Student website and meet the International Admission Deadline as noted in the Academic Calendar.

Degree-Seeking Applicants Under Age Eighteen (18)

Degree-seeking applicants who will be younger than eighteen (18) on January 1 for the Fall Semester, June 1 for the Spring Semester, or October 1 for the Summer Semester must:

  1. Be sixteen (16) or seventeen (17); and
  2. Complete the Petition for Underage Petition and Parent Consent Form.

Students under sixteen (16) must submit a letter from a parent or guardian describing the request for an exception to CWI’s admission requirements. Admission for students under sixteen (16) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Application Requirements: Non-Degree Seeking Applicants

Non-degree seeking applicants are permitted to take coursework but are not eligible for financial aid. Applicants may take courses as non-matriculated students by submitting the following:

  1. Application for admission

NOTE: Non-degree seeking students taking courses:

  1. May be receiving financial aid at another institution and taking coursework at CWI through a Financial Aid Consortium Agreement.
  2. May have received a Bachelor’s degree.
  3. May be international students from a nearby institution.
  4. May have missed the application deadline.

Admission Notification

All applicants with a current address and email will receive an admission letter and admission email. International Students will receive admission information from One Stop Student Services and the I-20 Form from the Designated School Official. Admission to CWI does not guarantee admission to programs with additional requirements. Please refer to the Career and Technical Education policy for information on programs which require an additional admission process.

Once admitted, a student can update start term information by submitting a Major Change Form to One Stop Student Services.

Admitted students with no registration activity are valid for no more than two (2) semesters. At that time, a Returning Student Application must be completed to update records and reactivate a student account. Once admitted, a student is assigned a permanent student identification number.