If clubs want to seek sponsorships or donations from outside the College, they must work with Student Engagement to submit a list to the CWI Foundation twenty (20) business days prior to seeking any sponsorships or donations. Student Engagement will forward to the CWI Foundation for approval. 

The reason for the review and required approval is because: 

  • The CWI Foundation works with off-campus companies and organizations requesting donations to the College. If too many CWI groups approach the same sponsor for donations, a potential donation to CWI or relationship with the college may be damaged.
  • Students need to know the giving histories of the businesses and individuals they plan to contact so that they can be gracious when they contact them and let them know that their previous generosity is appreciated.
  • The CWI Foundation can help coach students, if they choose, on solicitation strategies and materials.

To implement this cooperation, the following steps need to be taken: 

  • Student club leaders need to present to the CWI Foundation a memo describing the project for which they are seeking funding and the amount they intend to raise.
  • A list of potential donors must be included in the memo. Note: none of the potential donors can be on the Do Not Solicit list.