CWI has obtained a Charitable Gaming License from the Idaho Lottery Commission, which allows clubs and organizations to host raffles. Please work with Student Engagement to ensure all laws are being followed.  Specific information must be reported to the Idaho Lottery Commission during the yearly renewal process. It is the responsibility of the club advisor, president and treasurer to ensure that the tickets sold equals the amount of money deposited.

Per Idaho Lottery Commission Law: 

  • If you are raffling any donated items, a Contribution Acknowledgement Form must be completed for each donation.
  • You must keep track of number of tickets sold and number of unsold raffle tickets returned. These must match and be recorded, along with the price the tickets were sold for, i.e. $1 each or 6 for $5.
  • You must get the name and address of each winner.
  • At the end of a raffle, you must return the following to Student Engagement:
    • Raffle Report Info including: date of drawing, location, # of tickets sold, cost per ticket, total raffle sales, total cost incurred by club to acquire prizes to be raffled, total expenses, amount donated to charity (if applicable) and the name and address of each winner, along with what prize they won. See Club Raffle Report on myCWI.
    • Contribution Acknowledgement Form for EACH donation. Before raffle, each donated item must be approved with the Contribution Acknowledgement form.

Not following these guidelines will result in your club losing ability to conduct raffles. Please contact Student Engagement with any questions.