On behalf of the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) at College of Western Idaho (CWI), we would like to welcome you to this academic year. 

Your involvement in student clubs & organizations can help develop your professional skills and shape your college experience. You will also have the opportunity to positively influence the CWI community. Our role is to help you and your organization maximize your potential by building character, engaging in collaboration, and promoting campus-wide and global citizenship. This handbook is the first step in fulfilling this role. This document will provide you with the tools and resources to excel as an organization at CWI. 

The student organizations of today will be able to shape the culture, reputation, and history of CWI for years to come. Student Clubs & Organizations engage in game nights, campus events, cultural experiences, and much more. Student involvement provides an opportunity to express passion and reflect on their experiences. Participation also provides an opportunity to understand diverse voices and perspectives. During your time at CWI, we hope that you explore clubs & organizations that expand your knowledge and experiences.

We hope that this handbook serves as a valuable tool for your club or organization’s success. Your experiences as a student leader at CWI will be both challenging and rewarding. We look forward to working with you and seeing what you accomplish!

- CWI Student Engagement Team

Student organizations at CWI should complement the academic mission of the College of Western Idaho and enhance the educational experience for students.

The Registered Clubs and Organizations Handbook is updated annually by the Office of Student Engagement (OSE). Future editions supersede the policies and procedures contained herein. These policies, procedures, statements, and guidelines are subject to continued review and evaluation by relevant CWI officials. OSE strives to maintain the highest standards of accuracy in all provided information. If errors are found on the most current revision, please contact OSE.