Posters will be removed if posting regulations are not followed. 

Student clubs are asked to submit one (1) copy of proposed flyers to the Office of Student Engagement (OSE). OSE will then stamp the flyer with the approval stamp, make copies, and send to the appropriate parties. The organization may also supply an electronic copy that can be distributed digitally. 

  • The OSE staff must approve and stamp ALL signs, flyer cards, and any other material before posting. The Office is located in the Willow C building in Nampa, ID. 
  • All signs must have a date of posting and expiration date.
  • The postings should be placed ONLY on the campus bulletin boards.
  • Signs may not be attached to:
    • A shrub, plant, or tree
    • A permanent sign installed for another purpose
    • A fence or chain or its supporting structure
    • A painted brick, concrete, or masonry structure
    • A statue, monument, or similar structure
  • Name of the responsible person and contact information must be submitted to the OSE office.
  • Signs that contain non-permissible solicitation, obscene, libelous, or illegal content and/or violate CWI policies are not permitted.
  • Signs which are placed in easels or which are constructed to be free standing may be placed in the hallways of the buildings as long as they do not impede the flow of traffic.
  • In regards to Publicity, posters and any other publicity material should be removed immediately after the event.