Special events open to the campus and/or the public may be required to have a security presence. The completed request will be reviewed by the Office of Student Engagement and Risk Management to determine if security is required. Factors to be considered include: the nature of the event, the expected attendance, time of the event, age of the expected attendees, whether the event is open, whether entertainment is being provided, and the expected lighting conditions. The Office of Student Engagement and Risk Management may also consider the prior security history pertaining to events sponsored by the club or organization in the past or similar events sponsored by other student organizations. 

Security is always required if the club or organization is utilizing a campus building after normal operating hours. 

CWI reserves the right to require the number of security positions appropriate for the crowd size. In the event that it is necessary to engage additional security beyond what can be provided by the College, any costs incurred for such a purpose shall be the responsibility of the club or organization hosting the event.