What if a student does not use every accommodation that is listed on their Letter of Accommodation?

 Each class has different demands, so it is up to the student to decide which accommodations to use. It is also the student’s responsibility to remind the instructor which accommodations they will need.

What if I am not agreeable to a particular accommodation?

Instructors are entitled to work with the student to provide reasonable accommodation. For questions about reasonable modifications or concerns, please contact Student Disability Services at 208.562.2410 or 208.562.2496.

What is the Student Disability Services office?

The Student Disability Services office exists to help ensure all students at College of Western Idaho have equal access to the programs and services the College provides according to law. In addition to providing auxiliary aids and services to students with documented disabilities, the office is...

Who is responsible for making sure accommodation are put into practice?

The student is responsible for initiating and carrying out their part in implementing their accommodations. This could include: setting up meetings with instructors or attending office hours to discuss their specific needs regarding accommodations, recording lectures or discussions, and having a...

Will other colleges or future employers know that I received accommodations in college?

No. Accommodations remain private between our office and your instructors. We may notify club advisors, academic advisors, and other college personnel when necessary or at the request of the student receiving the accommodation. Accommodations or disability status are not listed on transcripts or...