A. Purpose

The purpose of this formative evaluation is to ensure the faculty and their direct supervisors have strong lines of communication about the work of faculty. During Strengths Based Coaching, faculty and supervisors will

  • review the work and goals of faculty,
  • plan for future work and development,
  • plan for the resources needed to complete the faculty work,
  • discuss the connection of the work of the faculty to the needs of student, the department, the school, the institution, and the community as appropriate to rank.

This evaluation is documented in writing using the method chosen by Human Resources.

B. Schedule

Strengths Based Coaching will occur yearly. Parts of the process have different due dates:

  • Feb. 15: Faculty submits the FPAR to direct supervisor.
  • Mar. 1: Faculty fills out their portion of evaluation form.
  • Mar. 31: Supervisor and faculty meet to discuss evaluation form.
  • Mar. 31: Faculty confirms meeting occurred.

C. Contents

Strengths based coaching will consist of a review of the faculty’s teaching, institutional engagement, and professional development since the last Strengths Based Coaching.

D. Process

The process explanation is below and also housed in the Faculty Senate committee teamsite. The document on the Faculty Senate teamsite also contains information on how to access the documentation method used by CWI Human Resources.

  • Step 1: Faculty Send Updated FPAR to Supervisor
    • The faculty fully updates all sections of the FPAR and emails it to the supervisor by Feb. 15. Faculty are encouraged to seek their supervisor’s input in completing the FPAR prior to the due date. The Strengths Based Coaching Process beings when your supervisor generates the Wingspan form after you submit your updated FPAR to them.
  • Step 2: Supervisor Reviews FPAR and Completes Strengths Based Coaching Form
    • The supervisor reviews the FPAR, identifies activities that need to be discussed and/or revised, signs off on activities that do not need to be discussed. Using the FPAR, the supervisor fills out the Strengths Based Coaching Form as required by Human Resources.
  • Step 3: Faculty and Supervisor Meet for Strengths Based Coaching Session
    • The supervisor schedules a meeting with the faculty member to discuss the FPAR and the Strengths Based Coaching Form. The meeting will occur by Mar. 31. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the work the faculty member has done in the previous year and the work the faculty member will be doing in the future. The supervisor and faculty member will also discuss any potential revision of the FPAR. If the FPAR is revised, the supervisor will finish signing off activities. The supervisor may revise the Strengths Based Coaching Form based on the meeting. The faculty member will receive the finalized Strengths Based Coaching Form after the meeting.
  • Step 4: Faculty Member Confirms Meeting and Receiving Strengths Based Coaching Form.
    • After the meeting with the supervisor occurs, information will be provided to the faculty member regarding how to confirm that they have met with the supervisor and received the finalized Strengths Based Coaching Form. At this point, the faculty member will also have the option of including comments regarding the Strengths Based Coaching Form. Should a supervisor choose to revise the Strengths Based Coaching Form, they will need to contact HR.