A. Purpose

The FPAR is a formative evaluation and method of documenting faculty work.

B. Schedule

The FPAR is updated and submitted annually to the departmental faculty evaluation site by February 15th. Faculty are encouraged to update it regularly in order to accurately capture work. Faculty may start a new FPAR form immediately following promotion or after a summative evaluation.

C. Contents

The FPAR includes a description of teaching, institutional engagement, and professional development goals and achievements with an explanation of the scope and impact of the faculty member’s contributions.

D. Process

The process is described below. A document containing advice, recommendations, and screenshots to assist in filling out the FPAR is available on the Faculty Senate teamsite.

  • Step 1: Update and Submit FPAR
    • Faculty update and submit the FPAR to the departmental faculty evaluation site. A blank FPAR form is available on the Faculty Senate teamsite and the departmental faculty evaluation site
  • Step 2: Supervisor Review and Contribution
    • Supervisors review the FPAR, note questions and areas for improvement in filling out the document, and add comments as necessary. After the supervisor and faculty member discuss the FPAR and make submit a draft with any revision, the supervisor records the FPAR as complete in the departmental faculty evaluation site, and that copy is considered the official version until it is updated in a future evaluation cycle.
    • Supervisor Leaving Position. If a supervisor is leaving their position, they must ensure a completed copy of each of their faculty member’s FPARs are on the departmental faculty evaluation site and were verified as completed within the last academic year. It is the responsibility of the deans to ensure this occurs.
  • Step 3. Use the FPAR
    • The FPAR will be used to complete Yearly Strength Based Coaching, Summative Evaluations, and Dean’s Evaluations.
  • Step 4. Record Keeping

The official FPAR will be housed in the departmental evaluation site for the duration of the faculty member’s tenure.