Getting Approval for Fundraisers

Registered clubs and organizations are eligible to host events as fundraisers. Fundraisers must also occur through the event pre-approval process. Clubs can be requested to hold a fundraiser through submitter the Purchase request for supplies, fundraisers, and events form. Student Engagement will communicate request issues, approvals, and denials to the club officers and advisor. 

Event Requests & Purchases

All clubs events must go through the Event Request process, regardless if there are costs associated with event or not. 

Clubs and organizations that have funds in their accounts can request to spend their funds on materials to help the organization function, recruit students, and conduct events and activities.  

When requesting to spend funds on supplies, food, decorations, prizes, or other items for an event the College requires us to submit an event pre-approval request. Student Engagement will use information that the clubs submit to build the event pre-approval request for the club and submit for approval. In order to submit an event pre-approval the following information must be included, if it is applicable to the event: 

  • The date the items are needed by if needed before the event day 
  • The date, time, location, and description of the event (same info you submit to 25Live) 
    • Be aware the events that are considered large or outside of CWI building hours may require additional security which will be required to be covered by the club. If you need a quote, please email to have our contracted security provide a quote.  
  • Confirmation that you have completed a 25Live request for space on campus or off campus (virtual, at another location, etc.) 
  • List of requested items that include screenshots of item, item number, vendor information, any shipping costs, links to specific items if ordering online 
  • A copy of any quotes you have received from your selected vendor 
  • List of food items that include screenshots of menu with prices, any delivery feeds 
  • Contact information of vendor for any requested contractual agreement requirements 
  • Details of any items being given away as gifts, prizes, or awards. This requires a gift pre-approval along with the event pre-approval. 
  • If gifts, prizes, or awards are being given away we will need the following information for each recipient (Full name, email address, and student ID number). If the awardee is not known until the event, then a club officer or advisor must coordinate with Student Engagement to collect the awardee information and securely deliver it to Student Engagement.  
    • Please note that as of FALL 2022, regulations regarding financial aid now require that we report the awarding of any gift cards to the Financial Aid office and this could potentially have an impact on a student’s financial aid package.  
  • List of people who will be receiving food that is requested. If the people will be undetermined, then a sign-in list must be turned in to following the event. 

Once all the necessary information is provided Student Engagement will request signatures from the required administrators. The current requirements for review and signature collection are estimated to be 12 business days. Once signatures are collected and the event has been pre-approved Student Engagement can then coordinate with the club to make purchases and submit contracts. Depending on the purchasing needs the timeline will vary.  

The following scenarios are examples of timelines for event pre-approval requests and time needed to make purchases. 

  • For items that need to be purchased online, the event requests should be submitted at least 22 business days in advance 
    • The largest factor impacting this timeline is shipping cost and time. The clubs should take these into account when submitting requests. 
    • CWI has an amazon business account which does not include the same benefits of amazon prime such as free shipping, or 2-day shipping. If an item being purchased is coming from amazon, shipping time and cost needs to be included. Student Engagement can assist the club in planning to get screenshots of the item price, shipping cost, and shipping timeline from the business amazon account. 
  • For items that require a contract, the event request should be submitted at least 30 business days in advance of when the contract needs to be signed by both CWI and the selected vendor. 
    • Contracts must be signed by the CWI contracts office. Contracts not signed by them are not valid to use club or other institutional funds for payment.