The president (or another designated officer) must complete a 25Live request. Once it is submitted, Student Engagement will review the approval. Some events or programs will require review by the CWI event committee. The club is encouraged to meet with the Office of Student Engagement and we will be happy to help you get started planning your event. 

Getting Approval for Events & Fundraisers

Registered clubs and organizations are eligible to host events and fundraisers. EVERY event/fundraiser proposed by a student club or organization MUST be submitted to the Office of Student Engagement for review by completing an Event Request Form. Once approved, you will receive the approval via the requester's email. 

Event Classification 

For purposes of determining necessary levels of planning, support and security, events are classified as "standard" or "special events." The classification of an event is dependent on variables such as the type of event (expected attendance size, safety considerations, etc.) 

Special events include those events that meet the following criteria: 

  • Presence of press/media (invited or otherwise)
  • Whether the event is advertised beyond CWl's campus
  • Whether the sponsors of the event anticipate high attendance
  • Whether there is potential for significant disruption
  • Security concerns on the part of the student group, advisors or guests
  • Requires a performer, speaker, and equipment contracts

The presence of one of these criteria may not necessarily elevate the event to a special event status; however, these factors should be considered cumulatively. 

Standard events include events that do not meet the criteria for a special event.  These events can include meetings and similar programs, lectures, etc. 

The Office of Student Engagement will determine whether an event is a special or standard event. For such a purpose, any club or organization planning an event should submit a Facility/Event Request Form to the Office of Student Engagement as early as possible, but no later than ten (10) business days before the requested date of the event. The form is designed to help identify the participants and sponsors of an event, whether space is required for the event and to assist in determining the level of support, including security, necessary to hold the event. The form will help clubs and organizations determine these things as well. 

If the Student Engagement Office determines that an event is a standard event, no further action is necessary. If it is determined that an event is a special event, the Student Engagement Office will work with the club or organization to determine the nature and level of support, including security, necessary to hold the event. 

  • Club member must fill out the following: Club/Organization Event Planning
  • Once the event has been approved, Student Engagement will email the advisor and president.