Number: OP 190
Effective: October 1, 2022
Last Reviewed: November 2, 2022
Department: Facilities Planning and Management
Last Revision: October 24, 2022


To provide guidelines for the posting of materials and the use of campus bulletin boards.


Applies to all CWI owned or leased facilities and property.


Bulletin Board: A permanent display board which has been installed by the College for the temporary posting of notices and advertisements, as well as the dissemination of information to the CWI Community. These boards are generally located in common areas and outside of classroom and lab space.

Designated Bulletin Board: A permanent display board which has been designated by Facilities Planning and Management (FPM) for the exclusive use of, and maintenance by, a single department or program.

Posting: A temporary physical document of any size, created to convey information, which is affixed to a bulletin board, wall, window, or other surface, or intentionally left on furniture or other surfaces.


The College has placed bulletin boards at various locations throughout campus buildings in order to facilitate the dissemination of information to the campus community. These boards are not intended for individual or private use, or for the dissemination of information by the general public. Posting on bulletin boards is not permitted without prior authorization.


Student Organizations and College Departments may submit postings for review and posting. Review will consist of determining (1) whether the posting is submitted by an organization or College Department (2) whether the posting is consistent with the CWI Brand Guidelines when the CWI Logo is used; and (3) whether the posting provides information regarding CWI programs or services or services otherwise beneficial to the CWI community. As minor students are regularly present on all CWI campuses, postings featuring nudity, alcohol or drugs, language inappropriate for public broadcast, or other similar themes will not be posted.

CWI community partners will also be permitted to submit postings for approval when the posting describes a benefit specifically to members of the CWI community (i.e. a low-cost health clinic by a local medical center), is promoting a service provided by an educational entity (i.e. a scholarship opportunity or study abroad facilitator), a national, state, or local government entity (i.e. City of Nampa, or Central District Health Dept.), or a non-profit or charitable organization promoting a service to members of the CWI community (i.e. Idaho Food Bank, Boys & Girls Clubs).

Postings may be submitted by sending them via an on-line Request portal, by e-mail to Campus Posting ( or by delivering them to Student Affairs in the Willow C building on the Nampa Campus (NCWC) either in person or via campus mail. Postings advertising events occurring the week they are submitted will generally not be posted. All approved postings will be marked with an approved stamp which will indicate a “take-down” date of the day after an event is concluded. Flyers for repeating events, such as monthly meetings, or promoting general departments, programs, or services will be posted for the period requested by the submitter, or until the end of the current semester, whichever is sooner. Facilities Planning & Management (FPM) staff will post all flyers and remove outdated ones at least once per week.

FPM may designate some boards for exclusive use by a department or program. This request must be made by the appropriate EOT member to FPM. In considering such requests, FPM will take into account the proximity of the board to the requesting program or department’s physical location, the location of the board in relation to student and campus visitor traffic, the total number of available Bulletin Boards near the requested board and throughout the building. Designated Bulletin Boards will be reassessed periodically to ensure optimal use of Bulletin Boards.

Postings are not permitted on any other surface, including walls, windows, dry-erase boards, tables, or other surfaces. Disciplinary or legal action may be taken for repeated violations of this policy.

This policy does not apply to postings related to the operation or safety of facilities, the posting of legally mandated postings, the posting of emergency information, or the posting of appropriate personal material by employees in their designated workspaces.

CWI reserves the right to remove any and all materials posted in violation of this policy and accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to materials so removed. Any cost associated with damage to CWI facilities will be the responsibility of the organization/individual responsible for posting materials in violation of this policy.

Exceptions to the posting policy for large-scale or special events, or other similar situations, can be made the by e-mailing a description of the request to