Number: OP 110
Effective: February 16, 2016
Department: Facilities Planning and Management
Last Revision: April 28, 2017


To establish authority and process in determining and communicating a campus closure due to natural or human caused emergencies including but not limited to, inclement weather, utility failure, fire, floods, threat or other forced evacuations.


Applies to all CWI campuses.


Campus: All CWI locations, including classes and office operations.

Closure: Shut-down of all operations of the College at a specific location or the entire CWI Campus.

Emergency: An event that is a Threat Level Yellow, Orange, or Red, or a weather related event significantly impacting the safety of the College, its personnel and students.

Crisis Management Team: President’s Cabinet, Executive Director Facilities Planning and Management.

Crisis Communication Team: EVP Instruction & Student Services, Executive Director Facilities Planning and Management, Director Communications & Marketing.


The Crisis Management Team has the authority to close college campuses, operations and/or support offices in cases of emergency. The Timely Warning and Emergency Notification Standard Operating Procedure and all appropriate communication channels will be used to inform the campus community of a closure. The Crisis Communication Team will be responsible for informing the campus community, media and any external audiences as deemed appropriate. This team will also provide updates as directed by the Crisis Management Team.