Number: OP 120
Effective: April 21, 2017
Department: Facilities Planning and Management
Last Revision: April 21, 2017


To provide guidelines for the use of CWI’s facilities and property by faculty, staff, students, the community and external organizations.


Applies to all CWI owned and/or controlled facilities and property and to all users of such facilities and property.


As a public institution, CWI’s facilities and property may be available for use by its faculty, staff, students, the community and external organizations subject to the guidelines set forth below and other applicable CWI policies, including but not limited to CWI’s Free Inquiry, Expression and Assembly Policy, its Employee and Student Political Activity Policies and its Commercial Solicitation Policy.

The President shall establish procedures regarding use of CWI property, including but not limited to facilities, equipment, and supplies by faculty, staff, students, and outside persons or organizations.  These procedures shall include reasonable regulations regarding time, place, and manner of such use.  Public access should not interfere with scheduled instructional programs or other CWI activities. Fees as authorized by law may be charged.

No group which discriminates on the base of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law may use CWI facilities or property.


As a tax supported community college, the primary missions of education and community service will have first priority in the use of facilities on campus. CWI facilities are available for rental or for community (external) use only where such use will not conflict with scheduled CWI classes or activities.  

The CWI Scheduling Office ( is the point of contact for internal and external individuals or groups wishing to schedule use of any CWI room or facility.

Requests to reserve space are initiated by creating an event in 25Live (internal users) or completing a Facility/Event Request Form on the CWI website. Users provide details regarding their event (date, time, location, resources, etc.) and submit the request. The request is needed in order to assign the space to the event and to provide details to service providers regarding resources (AV or IT needs, room setup, etc) that may be required for the event. 

Internal Requests for Facility Use

CWI-sponsored events which are scheduled or requested by CWI faculty or staff and are planned primarily to benefit members of the CWI community are considered internal requests. These requests include division or department meetings, activities, events, etc.  There are no facility rental fees for internal requests but other charges may apply to offset costs associated with the event, e.g. after-hours security.

Student-sponsored events are events carried out by officially recognized student clubs or organizations. Student events should be coordinated through the Office of Student Life in addition to completion of an event request in 25Live.

There are no facility rental fees for officially sanctioned student events but charges may apply depending on the resources requested.

External Requests for Facility Use

CWI welcomes the use of its space by members of the public or community organizations as long as the organization's stated purpose does not conflict with the primary mission of CWI or interfere with scheduled instructional programs or other CWI activities.

Facilities at CWI are available for use by members of the public or community organizations for fees established by CWI, provided the Facilities User Criteria and the following conditions are met:

  • The individual or representative of the organization signs a Facility Use Agreement and provides signed documentation that all applicable CWI policies will be followed
  • The planned activity is not expected to cause property damage or personal injury
  • The individual or organization is not in arrears to CWI for prior rentals or other required payments
  • An insurance, indemnity or surety bond is provided upon request by CWI

For activities closely related to a CWI employee's professional duties, for instance an employee holds a national, state or regional office of a professional organization, the President may authorize use of campus space for the activity.  Employees associated with these organizations may schedule CWI facilities that fall within CWI’s mission. These requests will be subject to procedures for external requests for facility use.

Facility Use Criteria

Requests for the use of CWI facilities may be granted if the proposed use for the facility meets the following criteria:

  • The event or activity will not be conducted in a manner that violates federal, state or local law.
  • The event or activity will not be conducted in a manner that violates fire and safety regulations.
  • The event or activity will not impede the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic or disrupt college events.
  • The event or activity will not be conducted in a manner or at a place or time that disrupts the legitimate functions of CWI.
  • The event or activity will not be conducted in a manner that violates CWI policy.

CWI reserves the right to consider additional factors not identified above when evaluating facility use requests to the extent such additional factors are also consistent with CWI policies and procedures and with federal, state, and local law. CWI reserves the right to deny any and all requests if in the college’s sole discretion deems the request to not be compatible with and in the best interest of the college.


Violations of this policy may result in rescheduling, redirection, relocation, fines, additional cleanup and security costs, exclusion from CWI facilities and property, or denial of future facility-use requests.

Failure to enforce this policy in one instance does not waive CWI’s right to enforce it in any other instance.