Number: OP 030
Effective: November 14, 2016
Last Reviewed: January 4, 2022
Department: Facilities Planning and Management
Last Revision: January 4, 2022


To provide for the administration of all construction of and improvements to CWI’s physical facilities.


Applies to the construction of and improvements to all physical facilities owned or leased by CWI.


Construction Activities: Includes but is not limited to new construction, alteration, repair, maintenance, remodeling, and any other physical changes that involve buildings, grounds, infrastructure, real property, or parts thereof. Construction activities include painting, flooring, and window coverings and installation of equipment, appurtenances, and furnishings that require installation, modification, structural considerations, or extension of building services or building systems, by convention, guidelines, or code.


The Facilities Planning and Management Department (FPM) is charged with operating, maintaining, and preserving the value of CWI’s physical facilities for the benefit of the State of Idaho and CWI. This includes ensuring that all construction activities are completed in an efficient and cost-effective manner and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, building codes, ADA guidelines, design guidelines, health and safety regulations, and CWI policies.

In order to responsibly execute its charge, FPM shall administer all construction activities, regardless of the source of funds. All construction contracts shall be issued and administered by FPM (or the Department of Public Works (DPW), as appropriate), and all construction activities shall be performed under the administrative oversight of FPM.

Any construction activity that is not initiated through FPM following the policy outlined herein will be considered Unauthorized Construction Work. Unauthorized Construction Work often violates statutes, standards, policies, regulations, and codes and may result in hazardous conditions during the execution of the construction work or in the future. In the event that Unauthorized Construction Work is discovered, the following actions may be taken:

  • Representatives from FPM will inspect the work to determine whether there has been a violation of this policy. If it is determined that the policy has been violated a report will be submitted to the Executive Vice President of Operations.
  • As necessary, the appropriate FPM department personnel will inspect the project for quality of craftsmanship, standards of materials, and compliance with codes and other policy and regulatory requirements. In the event that any craftsmanship or materials are determined to be sub-standard, or the project is not in compliance with applicable codes, etc., FPM will make all necessary corrections. The costs of such activities will be charged to the department responsible for the Unauthorized Construction Work.
  •  If, for any reason, the unauthorized work must be removed, FPM will proceed with that action and the resulting cost will be charged to the department responsible for the Unauthorized Construction Work.
  • If a record must be made of any such work and building drawings must be revised to reflect the same, FPM will do so and the cost for such records will be charged to the department responsible for the Unauthorized Construction Work.