Number: OP 060
Effective: April 15, 2008
Last Reviewed: June 30, 2022
Department: Facilities Planning and Management
Last Revision: June 10, 2022


To provide for the establishment of operational procedures, which promote safety and security on premises owned or controlled by CWI.


Applies to all CWI students, staff, faculty and visitors.


CWI is committed to providing a safe work and learning environment free from crime, violence, or threats of violence. All employees and students of CWI have the right to learn, study, and work in an environment free of disruptive, hostile, or violent behavior. In order for CWI to achieve this goal, it is necessary to establish policies that reflect the nature of a campus community. To accomplish this requires the participation of all members of the campus community. Campus Security officials, students, faculty, and staff shall work together to mitigate the consequences of targeted violence, crime, natural disasters, and other hazards. Planning and preparing to promptly and deliberately respond to these types of situations is crucial to a safe and secure campus.

CWI Campus Safety and Security has the responsibility of publishing specifications delineating individual and departmental responsibilities in maintaining a safe learning and working environment. A Link to these specifications can be found below.


CWI provides open access to campus buildings during posted building hours for students, staff, faculty, and authorized visitors. After-hours access is limited to staff and faculty in designated, pre-approved areas. After hours student access is permitted only with Campus Security approval. Building/area access is accomplished by means of an Identification/Access card or key issuance.


 The physical security of the CWI campuses is maintained by means of a number of factors:

  • Uniformed Security Officers stationed in buildings and conducting mobile patrols
  • CCTV systems both in the interior and exterior campus locations
  • Blue Light Emergency Phones placed strategically throughout the campus
  • Extensive building/parking lot lighting
  • Panic alarms installed at strategic office locations


Reports of all security related incidents of actual or attempted criminal behavior, violence, threats, or any other suspicious circumstances should be immediately reported to Campus Security at (208) 562-3333. Life threatening situations should be immediately reported to 9-1-1.


CWI has adopted the Run, Hide, Fight protocol for responding to active shooter incidents. This protocol and response procedures are outlined in the Campus Safety & Security.


Various crime prevention services and related guidance are offered by the Campus Safety and Security organization. These are outlined in the Campus Safety and Security webpage linked above.


This federal regulation requires CWI to report on criminal activity on or near campus, describe its security practices, advise the campus community of incidents that would affect its health and safety, and publish an Annual Security Report. The CWI Clery Compliance Program is described in detail in one of the Specifications linked below.


Campus Safety and Security publishes and distributes an Emergency Handbook to all office locations and campus bulletin boards. It serves as a quick reference for efficient action during an emergency event and to assist students, staff, faculty, and visitors in responding to and managing these events. The Handbook is a multi-hazard guide covering the most likely emergency incidents that could occur on campus.


CWI will not tolerate any form of violence in the workplace including verbal or physical threats, intentional physical contact for the purpose of causing harm, or menacing, intimidating or other behavior intended to frighten, coerce, or threaten another individual or individuals in the workplace, on CWI campuses or other CWI controlled sites.

In the event of imminent or actual violence, a person should take necessary precautions to ensure personal safety and the safety of others and call 9-1-1 and/or Campus Security.

An employee who is the subject of or aware of possible workplace violence should immediately report this information to Campus Security, Human Resources, his or her supervisor, or any member of CWI’s management team. Human Resources must notify (i) the Office of the Assistant Vice President, Enrollment & Student Services when an allegation of violence is made against a student or (ii) CWI’s Title IX Coordinator when the allegation of violence involves sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, or stalking.

Reported allegations of violence will be kept confidential except to the extent disclosure is necessary during the investigation process and/or subsequent proceedings or required by law.

Retaliation is prohibited against any person who, in good faith, reports concerns or incidents of violence or who participates in an investigation of incidents or threats of violence.

A threat identified under this policy should lead to remedial or disciplinary action, as appropriate, which may include counseling, suspension, expulsion, or dismissal. Individuals in violation of this policy may be excluded from campus in order to prevent a recurrence or escalation of the violent behavior.


CWI has established a Threat Assessment Team to formalize the process by which CWI addresses real and potential threats to CWI students, employees, and property.

CWI is committed to promoting and maintaining an environment where students, faculty and staff participate in the educational process without compromising the health, safety or welfare of themselves or others. As part of this commitment to a safe campus and workplace, CWI has created a Threat Assessment Team. The Threat Assessment Team may work with appropriate campus departments, law enforcement and mental health agencies to expedite threat assessment and intervention. The Threat Assessment Team also will develop comprehensive fact-based assessments of students, employees or other individuals who may present a threat to CWI.

The Threat Assessment Team’s mission, charter, and protocol is described in more detail in one of the Specifications linked below.