Facility/Event Request Form

To request use of CWI space for an event you must complete and submit this form.

  • If your request requires resources in addition to what is available in the room (ie. after hours security, room layout change, AV/IT assistance, etc.) then please submit this request at least 30 business days prior to the event.

Please note that completion and submittal of this form is not a reservation. An event scheduler will contact you when the room request or event is confirmed.

If you have questions or concerns you may contact scheduling at scheduling@cwi.edu

Disclaimer:CWI reserves the right to cancel an event at any time for an emergency, safety, and other unforeseen circumstances. The event requestor will be notified of the cancellation by email.

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Event Information

CWI only has (1) theater-style classroom that accommodates 100 attendees. The majority of our classrooms are much smaller.
Please explain your reoccurring schedule requested for this event.
Event Date and Time *
Empty 'End date' values will use the 'Start date' values.
E.g., Jun 30 2024
E.g., 3:45AM
E.g., Jun 30 2024
E.g., 3:45AM
Setup Start Date and Time
E.g., Jun 30 2024
E.g., 3:45AM
Tear Down End Date and Time
E.g., Jun 30 2024
E.g., 3:45AM

Location Preferences

Most rooms are equipped with data projector, PC, screen and internet access

Event Requestor Information

The form must be submitted by the faculty advisor for a student club/organization sponsored event.

Event Representative (onsite during event)

Who will be the designated event representative who will be onsite during the event?

Event Resources

Enter the total number of tables needed for the event.
Enter the total number of chairs needed for the event.

Food Service

NOTE: Food available onsite during an event must be commercially prepackaged or provided by a licensed food vendor.

AV/IT Needs

NOTE: Most rooms are equipped with data projector, PC, screen & internet access

Event Categories

Categories help users find the kinds of events they are interested in. To select more than one category, hold down the Ctrl button then click on the item.

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