Number: ADMIN 180
Effective: February 7, 2018
Last Reviewed: January 5, 2022
Department: Finance/Business Office
Last Revision: January 5, 2022


To establish guidelines for the purchase and use of uniforms or logo CWI apparel for employees


This policy applies to all CWI employees


College of Western Idaho does not have a standardized dress code for the entire college. In general, the College’s culture is that of “business casual” where clothes are appropriate for the workplace, clean, tatter-free, providing adequate coverage, and free of offensive words. Under these guidelines, each department is free to determine the nature of the clothing they will require or allow in the workplace.

Department Heads have the authority to require specific types of dress for their employees depending upon their job functions.


For audit purposes, purchases made prior to the latest revision of this policy are subject to that version of this policy in effect at the time the purchase process was initiated. Purchases made after the latest revision date of this policy are subject to this policy as amended.

Uniforms Required for Safety

Employees whose job duties require rigorous physical tasks or exposure to safety risks are required to wear suitable, protective uniforms with CWI logo.

If employees are specifically required to wear uniforms for safety reasons, the College will provide five (5) sets upon hiring. Replacement pieces will be provided to the employee as uniform items wear out.

Employees are responsible for basic upkeep and cleaning of uniforms purchased for them. They are expected to be appropriately attired for work at the beginning of each shift, wearing neat, clean uniforms.

Logo Apparel Required for Public Relations

Employees whose job duties require them to perform public relations functions with external customers or students are required to wear apparel with CWI logo. Logo wear of this type is adaptable to general usage as ordinary clothing, and therefore is considered by the IRS to be a taxable fringe benefit to the employee. However, a limited quantity could be provided tax free to an employee under IRS de minimus fringe regulations, depending upon facts and circumstances.

Due to this IRS restriction, employees in a public relations capacity will be provided logo apparel items in an amount not to exceed $75 per Calendar year, of a style and color appropriate to the position and function. Employees may purchase additional logo apparel with their own personal funds. The College will not reimburse employees for those purchases.

Logo Apparel Given as Gifts

Logo apparel given as gifts to employees, students, or other non-employees must follow ADMIN 080 – Gifts, Awards, and Incentives Policy.


Forms and other documentation associated with this policy can be found on the internal Business Office site.