Number: ADMIN 010
Effective: February 16, 2017
Department: Finance and Business
Last Revision: April 28, 2017


To establish policy for departments and individuals receiving cash, checks, credit cards or other forms of tender at


Applies to handling of all college cash/tender


The intent of this policy is to guide College of Western Idaho (CWI) employees, students, and agents of the College in the proper handling of cash/tender to preclude the abuse of College funds and to facilitate effective money management.



Employees, students, and agents handling CWI cash/tender are responsible for following the cash handling procedures and to ensure that all reasonable efforts are made to protect the cash/tender of the College. Colleague is the official financial system of the College. Business Office employees are required to perform reconciliations to Colleague on a monthly basis, promptly identifying and correcting any discrepancies.

One Stop Specialists are primarily responsible for receiving and recording departmental funds and accepting student payments. These payments must be recorded in Colleague accurately and timely. The Business Office verifies the departmental deposit balances with cash received and notifies departments immediately of any discrepancies. The Business Office reserves the right to perform audits on an unannounced basis to confirm compliance with cash handling policies.

Credit Card Payments

Specialists capturing credit card information must adhere to the following privacy security requirements:

All departments on campus that accept credit cards must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. The standards may be obtained from Visa, MasterCard, or other members of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) association found at PCI compliance. Departments accepting credit card payments must participate in an annual review of the PCI compliance, which will be facilitated by the Business Office.