Refer to CWI Academic Catalog Grading Policies.

A. Grade Code Categories

Grades are earned upon successful completion of a course in the following categories:

  • A (4 grade points) Excellent
  • B (3 grade points) Good
  • C (2 grade points) Satisfactory
  • D (1 grade point) Unsatisfactory (not passing)
  • F (0 grade points) Fail
  • X (0 grade points) Fail, stopped attending
  • P passing
  • NP not passing
  • NC no credit
  • I incomplete
  • AU audit
  • W Withdrawal
  • NG Non-graded
  • CIP Course in progress

B. Grade Appeal Policy

A student may appeal a grade through the grade appeal process. The guidelines for the grade appeal process may be found in the CWI Student Handbook.