Latinx Student Services

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Our Mission

The Latinx Student Service Coordinators (LSSC) strive to create and foster a safe, inclusive, welcoming, and supportive space for our students. LSSC's serve as a resource for students during the college process. LSSC’s host events for students and parents, oversee a mentoring program, host workshops, and provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful.

LSSC's focus on supporting students socially, culturally, academically and through advocacy support. 

Hablamos Español

Our Work

Latinx Student Service coordinators divide our efforts between being enrollment counselors by visiting high schools and focus on retention efforts by planning social, cultural, and academic events on campus. We oversee the Navegando Mentoring Program and the Latinx Scholars Program.

Our Services

Latinx Student Service Coordinators are happy to provide support in English and Spanish. We regularly offer programming and events to help students and their families feel welcomed to the CWI community. Events you can look forward to are Convivencia Familiar: Latinx Student Services Open House and La Bienvenida: Latinx New Student Orientation. To request an appointment with any of our Latinx Student Service Coordinators please email us. Our contact information is listed below.  

Latinx Events

Defining Latinx

Latinx: a gender-neutral word for people of Latin American descent.