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CWI cares when you or a student you know:

  • is in distress
  • is disruptive
  • is pregnant/expecting
  • is called for active duty
  • needs resources
  • needs support

You are in a critical position within the college to Communicate student misconduct and concerns with the CARE and Conduct teams.  As a coordinated campus effort committed to promoting the health and safety of the campus community we will Act to in a way that Refers the student to the appropriate resources and Engages in the support of overall health, well-being, retention, and successful experiences for our students. 

CARE and Student Conduct General Information

College of Western Idaho (CWI) cares about its students and community. To this end, we have established standards and expectations of the community so that academic pursuits can be achieved. These standards are published annually in the Student Handbook, which contains our Code of Conduct, Student Rights and Responsibilities, and due process procedures. If for any reason someone is unable to uphold our community standards there are a variety of resources and options to address the concerns and get back on track. The ultimate goal of our CARE and Student Conduct processes is to ensure safety at CWI. If you have questions regarding any of these processes, please contact our Dean of Students.

Academic Integrity: Academic Integrity at any college is paramount. It is the core of insuring equitable access to learning. When someone engages in cheating or other academic misconduct it is important that we address it quickly and consistently. Instructors are asked to resolve first time and low level academic misconduct violations. They then report it through our Academic Misconduct Form and the Academic Integrity Board Chair will send a resolution letter. If a repeat violation or significant violation occurs, the Academic Integrity Board may convene to hear the case, or it will be routed through the Student Conduct process. When Academic Misconduct is not reported it continues to undermine the rights of all students. 

CARE Team: The CARE team is an interdisciplinary team who reviews concerns regarding students, faculty and staff well-being. CARE reports are routed to the team for review, outreach, and referral. 

Student Conduct: Behavior outside of the classroom and incidents that are significant in the classroom, will be addressed through our student conduct process. Students will be notified by the hearing officer via email of the alleged violation(s).  

Threat Assessment Team (TAT): The TAT is an interdisciplinary team of annually threat assessment trained individuals. TAT reviews escalated CARE and conduct reports to address the overall safety and well-being of the CWI community. TAT utilizes risk assessments, information, etc. to determine whether interim measures such as emergency suspensions, no contact orders, etc. should be implemented

Title IX Team: Reporting to the Title IX Coordinator, the Title IX team implements our Respectful Community procedures. Title IX houses our Sexual Misconduct and Harassment expectations. Staff and Faculty are required reporters of Title IX concerns. If you are a student looking for a confidential resource, please contact Counseling Services at 208.562.2200 or For more information on Title IX and its process at CWI, please see our Title IX Information Page.

CARE and Conduct Reporting Forms

  • links to forms are in purple text.
  • Anyone can complete these forms regardless of their interaction with CWI.
  • Forms can be submitted anonymously.

Student Concern Forms

Advising Referrals are helpful when a student may be struggling with attendance, grades are declining, or may need additional support in major exploration, etc. Advising referrals will be forwarded to the student's advisor. They will reach out and offer support. 

CARE Referrals are helpful when a student may have extenuating circumstances impeding their ability to be successful in the classroom. Examples include, but are not limited to housing or food insecurities, financial concerns, health and well-being. CARE referrals are reviewed and routed to the appropriate CARE team member who will outreach to the student to identify support and resources.

Pregnancy/Parenting Form is used to alert the CARE team of when a student may need support under Title IX for their pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, loss of baby/child, or when a parent has a child with significant needs due to illness. Students may qualify for certain reasonable accommodations to help them succeed while pregnant, supporting someone who is pregnant, or parenting.

Student Death Notification Form is used to notify CWI if a student passes away. Upon receipt, CWI will provide outreach and support to families regarding the student's enrollment at CWI. 

Student Conduct Forms

Academic Misconduct is reported when there is a concern of academic integrity such as cheating, plagiarism, and minor disruptions in the classroom. Faculty are asked to resolve low level academic concerns and report the outcome in this form. The Academic Integrity Board Chair will follow up with a formal letter to the involved student(s). This affirms we are providing appropriate due process for students. For multiple violations of the same type, or levels of academic violations that are moderate to severe, a report should be filed and the Academic Integrity Board will handle the case.

Behavioral Misconduct is reported when there is a concern of an alleged policy violation due to behaviors that are not in line with our Student Code of Conduct. Student Conduct can occur in and out of the classroom. 

Title IX (Sexual Misconduct) and Respectful Community allegations involve incidents where discrimination may have occurred. All CWI employees are responsible reporters when it involves allegations pertaining to Title IX. By completing this form you uphold your reporting responsibilities. The form is routed to our Title IX Coordinator and Deputies who will work with the student(s) to provide resources and work to stop the behavior from occurring again. Reporting Title IX does not automatically trigger an investigative process. We work to ensure the student is informed and has control in the process. Exceptions are when weapons, physical violence, a repeat offender, or children are involved. However, the complainant (victim/survivor) will continue to determine how involved in the process they wish to be.

Forms for Students

In addition to the above forms, students may find these forms helpful as well.

Academic Misconduct Appeals are for students found responsible for an academic misconduct violation who wish to file an appeal due to a procedural irregularity, new evidence, or a bias or conflict of interest.

Conduct Record Requests, Dean Evaluations, and Background Checks are available for students applying to other institutions or government jobs that require disciplinary or background checks. This form goes directly to the Dean of Students who will follow up with you directly.

Grade Appeals are for students who wish to appeal a grade which they believe was issued improperly due to a procedural irregularity, new evidence, or a bias or conflict of interest.

Pregnancy/Parenting Form is used to alert the CARE team of when a student may need support under Title IX for their pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, loss of baby/child, or when a parent has a child with significant needs due to illness. Students may qualify for certain reasonable accommodations to help them succeed while pregnant, supporting someone who is pregnant, or parenting.

Registered Sex Offender Form is for students who are registered sex offenders and attending classes at CWI. This form helps us ensure that you are not violating the terms and conditions of your parole or probation and allows us to ensure that no minors are in classes or co-curricular opportunities in which you are participating

Student Complaints are helpful when a student has had an interaction with a person or process that may need to be addressed. Students should first work directly with the person they have a complaint. If that does not resolve the issue, they should address their concern with the person's supervisor. If that does not resolve the issue, or the complaint is with a peer or process, filling out this form is appropriate. If students need support to engage others before doing so we can also provide support.

Student Conduct Appeal Form is for students found responsible for a conduct violation and they wish to appeal due to a procedural irregularity, new evidence, or a bias or conflict of interest.

Student Conduct Sanction Form is for students who have been found responsible for a student conduct violation. This form is where you will upload your sanction or report hours, etc. 

  • When should I submit a concern report? 

    If you have a concern about a member of the CWI community report it. We may have multiple reports and the more information means the better CARE we can provide.

  • What if I need immediate assistance?

    If you need immediate assistance, please go to a safe location, and if injured, seek immediate medical attention. 

    • CWI Safety and Security 208.562.3333 -or- activate any blue emergency phone located on campus. 
    • Local Police 9-1-1
  • Tips for Writing a Report

    • Please use the correct form so that it gets routed to the appropriate team
    • Write about the facts: the who, what, where, when, and how. 
    • Include the impact of the behavior. 
    • Describe any attempts to intervene, discuss, or mitigate the issue and how the person responded to that. 

    While your privacy can be protected for situations where physical safety as at risk, write as if the person you are referring might ultimately read the referral. 

    • Reports may be subject to disclosure through FERPA, FOIA, subpoenas or other means. 
    • Remember you don't want the individual to feel "sold out". Avoid: 
      • Speculations and Stereotypes 
      • Opinions 
      • Labels 
      • Diagnoses 
    "Tips for Documenting Incidents: Harper College". N.p., 2017. Web. 3 May 2017. 
  • What is the time frame on reports and confidentiality?

    Responses to a report can happen within two (2) business days. If your report requires a response within one business day, contact the appropriate staff member directly. 

    As a part of this process, we work very hard to maintain confidentiality for students so they trust the work we’re doing. As a result, if you submit a report, we generally don’t report back or communicate with you about the details of how we’ll be working with individual students. 

  • How do I find a student’s ID number?

    • Faculty can find a student’s ID number on the class roster in MyCWI or in the gradebook in Blackboard
    • Students can find their ID in MyCWI – My Toolkit for Students – Plan & Register.
  • Who should I contact with questions?

    If you have additional questions about submitting a concern report, please contact your supervisor. Additional contacts are: 

    CARE/Code of Conduct/Other: Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator, Chad Trisler, 208.562.2106, 

    Academic Integrity Board Chair: Andrea Ascuena, 208.562.3309, 

    Respectful Community & Title IX: Chad Trisler, 208.562.2106,

    Student Advising and Success: Erica Compton, 208.562.2546,

    Threat Assessment Team (TAT): Jeff Flynn, 208.562.3220,