The Student Code of Conduct describes a set of policies designed to reflect our unique culture of while ensuring that all who seek knowledge are held to the same standards.  This Code is intended to provide a framework upon which we can all rely to reflect and uphold our commitment to procedural fairness, equitable treatment, and a sense of shared accountability.  I urge each of you to become familiar with what is expected of you, and what you can expect from one another, to ensure that you, as a member of our community, have the best possible opportunity for success during your time at the College of Western Idaho.  I hope that you will join us in celebrating the unique opportunities we share as we move through CWI’s second decade.

Revised Oct. 2017, Aug. 2018, Aug. 2019, Feb. 2021, and Feb. 2024.

This section provides an overview of the rights and responsibilities of each student, an overview of the purpose of the document, a key definitions of terms, and descriptions of the College's jurisdiction.

This section provides information on the specific actions and behaviors which are prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct.

This section describes the procedures used in the event that the College becomes aware of information that would indicate that it needs to take immediate action to protect the CWI Community or its members.

This section reviews the procedures which will be used for each type of alleged misconduct, as well as the procedures and protections which are generally applicable to all processes.

This section provides information on possible sanctions which may be imposed if a student is found responsible for an alleged violation.

This section describes the procedures in place to file an appeal of the outcome of a hearing.

This section describes how interpretations of the Student Code of Conduct are determined and how it is reviewed.