This section describes how interpretations of the Student Code of Conduct are determined and how it is reviewed.

7.1. Interpretation

The Dean of Students shall be responsible for ensuring the application and administration of the Student Code of Conduct. Interpretation of the Code shall be at the discretion of the Dean of Students for final determination.

7.2. Formal Review

7.2.1. The Student Code of Conduct shall be reviewed in its entirety not less than once every three years, and more frequently upon the written recommendation of the Dean of Students and with the approval of the appropriate member of the Executive Operating Team.

7.2.2. The member of the Executive Operating Team shall appoint a committee consisting of one member of the student body, one member of the faculty, and one member from the Office of General Counsel.

7.2.3. The co-chairs of the committee shall be the Dean of Students and the Academic Integrity Chair.  The member representing the students shall be recommended by the ASCWI President. The member representing the faculty shall be recommended by the Faculty Senate.

7.2.4. If any party fails to recommend a member within 30 days of being formally requested, the Dean of Students shall make such recommendations as necessary to appoint all members listed in Article 7.2.2.

7.3. Notification

Following approval of any amendments to the Code, they shall be considered in effect on the day following the date that written notification, to include the internet address (URL) where the amended version of the Code can be found, is sent to all students via e-mail from the Dean of Students.