Latinx Scholars Program

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Bridging culture and academic achievement, the Latinx Scholars Program welcomes first-year students into the CWI community and equips them with tools and knowledge to succeed in their academic pursuits.

In addition to receiving at $1,000 scholarship, selected Latinx Scholars will:

  • be assigned a Navegando Mentor
  • enroll in three (3) classes with other Latinx Scholars as part of a cohort 
  • connect with embedded classroom tutors 
  • meet with a Student Success Coach each month
  • and attend Student Engagement events each semester. 


To be considered for the Latinx Scholars Program, students must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

  • first-time incoming first-year student to CWI or previous dual credit student at CWI 
  • identify as Hispanic or be interested in learning about the Hispanic culture
  • be degree seeking and enrolled in a CWI academic program, 
    • CTE programs welcome (pending schedule ability) 
  • enroll in a minimum of nine (9) credits for both fall and spring semester
  • be enrolled in required Latinx Cohort classes 
    • Fall Semester – ENGL 101, CWI 101, and COMM 101 
    • Spring Semester – ENGL 102  
  • ability to attend an Orientation Session in the summer

Steps to Apply

To apply to be a Latinx Scholar, please complete the steps below.

  • Apply to CWI and be admitted as a student.
  • Complete the CWI Scholarship Application.
    • As part of the application, you will respond to the prompts below in 250-300 words. Responses may be uploaded as a Word or PDF document.
      • Please explain how the Latinx Scholars program will support your success and growth at CWI. 
      • Describe instances where you have taken initiative to serve and uplift your community, showcasing leadership, commitment, and accountability in your actions.
      • Describe a personal, academic, or professional challenge you encountered that tested your resilience and determination. How did you navigate it and what did you learn from the experience? 

Note: Students do not need to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be eligible for the Latinx Scholars Program Scholarship. 

Latinx Scholar Application


Photo of Jeanette Orozco
Student Success Coach
Willow Building C