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Emergency Blue Phones

College of Western Idaho (CWI) would much rather prevent crimes than react after they have occurred. A primary means for accomplishing this is the College's Crime Prevention Program. The CWI Crime Prevention Program is based on concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities. CWI encourages students and employees to be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

  • Crime Prevention

    Crime prevention initiatives In Place: 

    1. Blue Light Emergency Telephones: Well-marked Blue Light Emergency Telephones are located on the CWI Nampa Campus, Ada County Center, and CWI at Boise State University. The blue light emergency telephones direct dial a 9-1-1 dispatcher.
    2. Alarm Systems: A computer-based monitoring system is used to monitor a network of fire alarm systems.
    3. Security Surveys: Surveys of exterior doors, exterior lighting, and grounds and campus facilities are conducted by security personnel on a regular basis. 
    4. Building Administrator Program: Building Administrators are assigned to each CWI building. These Building Administrators participate in the Safety and Security Committee, receive unsecured conditions notification, and are trained in emergency response and building evacuation procedures.
    5. Security Services: Security assistance is available and will be provided upon request by calling the CWI Security department at 208.562.3333. This service is available during class hours.
    6. Crime Stoppers: The Crime Stoppers program provides you the opportunity to call 343.COPS to provide information you have about a crime that has occurred on campus in Boise or Nampa. You can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward up to $1,000 if your information leads to an arrest and filing charges.
    7. Ask Security Program: Access to CWI security officials is available by email. Submit law enforcement related questions to Campus Security at or 208.562.3333. Security officers will respond to all appropriate questions.
    8. Online Crime Reporting: CWI students and employees have access to the Boise and Nampa Police Departments Online Crime Reporting System. Criteria for submissions require that the crime is not an emergency, the incident occurred within Boise City or Nampa City limits, and the suspect is unknown. Anyone wishing to report these crimes online should visit City of Boise's Report a Crime or City of Nampa's Report a Crime web page.
    9. Safety Walks: Representatives from CWI perform campus safety walks on an annual basis. The purpose of this activity is to identify and address safety and security concerns.
  • Campus Safety Tips

    Most crimes can be deterred, if not prevented entirely, by developing simple tasks and habits. While following the tips below cannot guarantee that you will not be a victim of a crime, your chances can be greatly reduced.

    Safety Tips

    1. Lock your car doors anytime you leave the car. It takes only seconds to lock and unlock your car door, and these seconds can save you dollars.
    2. Don’t leave obvious valuables in plain view in your car. Sometimes temptation and availability is all that is needed to cause a would-be thief to attempt and complete a theft.
    3. Check the back seat of your car before you get in. You may have an uninvited visitor.
    4. Don’t display large sums of cash or expensive jewelry. Again, these actions may provide temptation to a thief. Cash and jewelry are often impossible to trace and easy for a thief to dispose of quickly.
    5. Secure bicycles through the wheel and frame with a high-quality cable and lock or other approved device. The majority of stolen bicycles were not locked at the time of the theft.
    6. Walk with a friend after dark, and walk on designated pathways and in well-lit areas. There is truly safety in numbers.
    7. Don’t impair your judgment with alcohol or illegal drugs. Avoid accepting a ride from someone whose judgment is impaired by alcohol or drugs. Avoid taking a private walk with someone whose judgment is impaired by alcohol or drugs.
    8. If possible, work with another student when working late at night in campus buildings.
    9. You always have the option to request a security escort by calling 208.562.3333 or in person with the building security official.
    10. Do not leave doors propped open.
    11. Engrave valuable possessions with serial numbers or owner-recognized numbers.
    12. Always know the location of the nearest telephone and how to report emergencies. Keep emergency numbers near your phone.

    Report any criminal or suspicious activities or other emergencies that occur on campus to the CWI Security Department by calling 208.562.3333 or in person with a CWI security official.


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