Weapons on Campus

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As of  July 1, 2014, Section 18-3309 of the Idaho Code allows individuals with enhanced concealed carry permits to carry weapons on public college and universities. College of Western Idaho (CWI) has worked diligently to evaluate procedures and implement changes on campus in response to this legislation to ensure our campus community remains a safe learning and working environment. 

Campus Policy

The possession, wearing, carrying, transporting, or use of weapons, including firearms, while upon CWI owned or controlled properties, in CWI vehicles, and during CWI sponsored activities or events is strictly prohibited, except for authorized law enforcement officers and person exempt under Idaho law. 

Any person wishing to possess, carry, transport, or use any of the above-listed items on CWI owned or controlled premises must have the express written consent of the Executive Director of Facilities Planning & Management. Violations may result in disciplinary action, up to and including, expulsion, dismissal from employment, exclusion from campus, and prosecution under appropriate local, state, or federal laws.

OP 050 – Firearms & Weapons on Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a student, instructor, or staff member who is authorized to carry a concealed weapon on campus, am I allowed to carry my concealed weapon during my practicum or clinical hours at any off-site clinic?

    Any separate business entity has likely established a policy regarding the use or carrying of weapons at their location. The policies of that organization or business entity apply as to whether concealed firearms are, or are not, permitted to be carried on their premises.

  • Can a weapon be stored in a vehicle? If so, how?

    If you are authorized to carry a concealed weapon under Idaho State law and CWI’s weapons policy, you may transport a firearm in your personal vehicle if the firearm is on your person and is concealed. If you store your weapon in your vehicle, it must be concealed. Open carrying, even in a vehicle on any CWI owned or leased property, is not permitted.

  • Can I carry my concealed weapon on the premise of any buildings leased to CWI?

    CWI currently has campus locations in leased buildings including campus buildings located in Boise at the Blackeagle Center and CWI Horticulture. Currently, these locations do not have language included in their lease agreements with the College that prohibits the legal carry of a weapon on their premises. CWI allows licensed persons to carry a concealed weapon on these leased properties. 

  • Does a student, instructor, or staff member have to inform College administration when they are carrying a concealed weapon?

    No. Under the law, carrying a concealed weapon does not need to be reported to CWI personnel. However, a carrier must present appropriate credentials when requested to do so by law enforcement personnel.

  • Does CWI have armed security officers?

    No, the College does not have armed security guards.

    Your safety is of the utmost importance. If you feel you are in imminent danger, call 9-1-1. Please report other concerns to Campus Security who will call the police as necessary.

  • If I am able, under the law, to carry on campus, can I keep my firearm in my office desk?

    No. This would not meet the legal requirement of the firearm being concealed "on his person."

  • If I live in the Aspen Creek apartments can I possess a firearm, if authorized to do so under state law?

    The Aspen Creek Apartments are not affiliated with CWI. Anyone wishing to possess a firearm at this location will need to be authorized under state law and will also have to follow their tenant agreement for such.

  • Is there a storage location for weapons on campus?

    No. CWI does not have a storage location for weapons at any of the campus locations. Individuals choosing to carry will be responsible for weapons and their concealment at all times.

  • What are the differences between federal and state laws in regards to weapons?

    There are several differences between federal and state laws. Differences in weapon laws can be prosecuted separately. It is up to each licensed carrier to know their responsibilities and rights under federal and state law. 

  • What if I have a concealed carry license rather than an “enhanced” concealed carry license?

    You cannot carry a weapon on campus with a general concealed carry permit. Concealed carry and “enhanced” concealed carry permits/licenses are different. The law clearly states that an individual must be a qualified retired law enforcement officer under Idaho Statute 18-3302H, or have an “enhanced” concealed carry license under Idaho Statute 18-3302K, in order to legally carry a concealed weapon on campus. 

  • What is Campus Security’s role regarding weapons on campus?

    Campus Security will work with police to determine if a student, staff member, faculty or visitor on campus is lawfully carrying a weapon. They will also escort individuals off campus and work with local law enforcement officials as needed.

  • What is considered “concealed” in terms of weapons?

    A “concealed weapon” means a weapon which is carried upon one’s person and is not in plain view or discernable by ordinary observation.

  • What constitutes an unconcealed firearm?

    If any part of a concealed weapon is in plain view or discernable by another person by ordinary observation, the weapon is not considered concealed. This may be a violation of the law and is a violation of CWI policy. Campus security should be notified when a person has failed to conceal his/her weapon.

  • What should be done if it is suspected someone is carrying a concealed weapon?

    If you suspect someone is carrying a weapon on campus but there is not a perceived threat and the weapon is not visible, no action is necessary. 

  • What should be done if someone feels intimidated by any person they believe is carrying a weapon?

    If the individual carrying a weapon on campus does not pose an immediate threat, please contact Campus Security

    If there is an immediate threat, call 9-1-1.

  • What type of permit does someone need to hold in order to carry a weapon legally on campus?

    In March 2014, The State of Idaho passed SB 1254 into law. This law permits individuals who are qualified retired law enforcement officers under Idaho Statute 18-3302H, or who hold an “enhanced” concealed carry license under Idaho Statute 18-3302K, to legally carry concealed weapons on campus.

  • When should someone call the police, and who should call the police?

    If someone suspects a violation of the weapons on campus policy, that individual should alert Campus Security who will contact local law enforcement. In an emergency, you should always call 9-1-1.

  • Where does a weapon need to be in order to be legally considered “concealed”? Can a weapon be in a backpack or purse, or does it need to be directly on a person’s body or within reaching distance of the person?

    According to Idaho State law, anyone who has complied with the requirements of State Law 18-3302K and has been issued an enhanced license is authorized to carry concealed weapons "on his person." The weapon cannot be in plain view or discernable by ordinary observation.