Campus Safety & Security Services

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Campus Security at College of Western Idaho provides the services listed below to College of Western Idaho students, employees, and visitors during regular building hours

  • Chaperone Services

    Chaperone services are offered on campus during regular business hours for students and employees walking to or from class, campus offices, or the parking lot. To request a chaperone, contact Campus Security at 208.562.3333.

  • Vehicle Services

    Inoperable vehicles will be noted by Campus Security who will work with you to assist with removal of the vehicle from campus.

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    Jump Starts

    In the event your vehicle will not start due to a dead battery or otherwise, contact Campus Security at 208.562.3333. A member of our team will respond to your campus location with a jump start pack, ask you to sign a liability release form, and make every attempt to get your vehicle started again. A valid drivers license, state identification card, or CWI ID card is required. CWI is not liable for any damages that could occur as a result of jump start services. 


    While Campus Security is unable to assist with unlocking vehicles, they are happy to help you contact a locksmith at your cost.

    Flat Tires

    Campus Security does not provide changing of flat tires due to liability reasons. We are happy to help with contacting an external source to assist you at your cost.

  • Lost & Found

    Campus Security is happy to assist students, faculty, staff, and visitors in recovering and safely protecting valuables that are lost during day-to-day events on campus. We will make every reasonable effort to recover and return lost items in a timely manner. CWI holds no responsibility or liability for items lost on campus.

    If you have lost an item or found someone’s lost property, please visit the nearest Campus Security desks located at:

    • Nampa Campus Micron Education Center (NMEC)
    • Nampa Campus Academic Building (NCAB)
    • Nampa Campus Aspen Classroom Building (NASP)
    • Canyon County Center (CYNC)
    • Ada County Center Pintail Building (APIN)

    Lost & Found Procedures

    Lost and found items will be kept for 90 days and recorded by Campus Security. 

    • General items such as books, sweaters, coffee cups, water bottles, etc. will be kept in the lost and found location where it was lost and can be claimed by contacting Campus Security.
    • Laptops, tablets, iPads, USB devices, cell phones, and electronic devices will be transferred and can be claimed by contacting Information Technology
    • Valuable/personal items such as jewelry, wallets, purses, driver licenses, credit cards, etc. will be transferred within two (2) business days to a locked safe. If items found have owner information, a notification letter will be sent. The letter will not contain any information specific to the item but will notify the owner of the item. Items may be claimed by contacting Campus Security.
    • Prescription medication will be turned into local law enforcement. 

    Unclaimed Items

    After 90 days, lost and found items will be disposed of properly. A log of all unclaimed items will be kept by Campus Security for record keeping purposes. 

    • General items will be donated to local thrift stores.
    • Valuable/personal items will be turned into local law enforcement. 


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