Section 1: Requirements

XIII.1.00 Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by either:

XIII.1.00.01 A petition signed by 15 percent of the members of the ASCWI; or

XIII.1.00.02 Through the ASCWI Legislative process, provided that the amendment shall have been read prior.

XIII.1.01 Amendments shall be enacted when ratified by a simple majority of those voting.

XIII.1.02 All amendments must:

XIII.1.02.01 Have been read prior to being discussed, debated, or voted upon; and

XIII.1.02.02 Be completed no later than the fourteenth week of the spring semester; and

XIII.1.02.03 Meet all the qualifications; and

XIII.1.02.04 Be verified by the ASCWI advisor(s).

XIII.1.03 All amendments shall be added to this Constitution, and the new Constitution shall supersede all previous ASCWI Constitutions.