Section 1: General Duties and Responsibilities

IV.1.00 The Senate Shall:

IV.1.00.01 Read and adhere to all ASCWI Bylaws and other legislation.

IV.1.00.02 Establish, determine, and execute all of the functions of ASCWI committees.

IV.1.00.03 Set the time, date, and place of all supplemental meetings of the Legislative Branch with 48 hours’ notice.

IV.1.00.04 Perform other duties as assigned by the ASCWI Vice President and the ASCWI Advisor(s)

IV.1.00.05 Adopt legislation, bylaws or regulations necessary for the general welfare for the ASCWI.

IV.1.00.06 Exercise legislative authority over funds through the approval of the ASCWI budget.

Section 2: Individual Powers and Responsibilities

IV.2.00 Each Senator Shall:

IV.2.00.01 Attend all Senate meetings according to the attendance policy, as outlined in the ASCWI Bylaws.

IV.2.00.02 Attend all assigned board and/or committee meetings.

IV.2.00.03 Review minutes from the previous meeting to ensure correct information has been given.

IV.2.00.04 Exist as voting members of the ASCWI Senate.

IV.2.00.05 Maintain a minimum of two (2) office hours each week and record hours on the office log.

IV.2.00.06 Attend the community service projects sponsored by the Senate.

IV.2.00.07 Attend social activities outside of school to unite the Senate.

IV.2.00.08 Attend scheduled school activities as assigned.

IV.2.00.09 Give notice of any absences in accordance with the attendance policy as outlined in the ASCWI Bylaws.

IV.2.00.10 Follow and stay up-to-date with Robert's Rules of Order during all Senate meetings.

IV.2.01 The Pro Tempore Shall:

IV.2.01.01 Conduct all regular and supplemental ASCWI Senate meetings in the Vice President's absence; and

IV.2.01.02 In the case of a vacancy in the vice presidency, assume the position of the Vice President until the position is filled.