The club must complete the Prize or Award Pre-Approval Form and submit to the Office of Student Engagement for approval if planning to purchase gift cards, gift certificates or items to be given as prizes or awards at an event. The Prize or Award Request Form must be filled out prior to purchasing or distributing the gift or award. Student Engagement will notify the club advisor if the request is approved. 

CWI Policy for Gifts and Prizes the winner needs to complete W-9 for all non-monetary gifts over $75.  The Business Office will not issue the 1099 unless the total value is over $600 for the year, but we do keep the W-9’s on file.  All gifts need to be signed for, it’s much easier to get the signature at the time it’s awarded then try to track people down later. 

Event organizers and club advisor are not eligible for any gift cards/gift certificates clubs may award.