All prizes, gifts, and awards that are not part of an event will still require prior approval. Clubs wanting to provide prizes, gifts, and awards outside of an event format need to submit the Purchase Request for Supplies, fundraisers, and events form. 

Clubs wanting to have prizes, gifts, and awards that are part of the event should include the information as part of the event pre-approval request.  

For all situations, Student Engagement will notify the club officers and advisor if the request is approved. Once the request is approved Student Engagement will begin coordinating the purchases. 

CWI Policy for Gifts and Prizes the winner needs to complete W-9 for all non-monetary gifts over $100. The Business Office will not issue the 1099 unless the total value is over $600 for the year, but we do keep the W-9’s on file. All gifts need to be signed for when awardee takes possession. 

Event organizers and club advisor are not eligible for any gifts from the club.