Clubs accounts are established through the CWI Business Office for the purpose of depositing and expending funds. According to CWI policy, all financial transactions must be processed through the Business Office utilizing the college account. This section will cover the policies and procedures for club accounts. 

Club Cost Center

Student clubs may not establish individual accounts at a commercial financial institution such as a bank or credit union. Club status will be revoked if the Office of Student Engagement obtains confirmation that a club has an off-campus banking account. 

To obtain a CWI account, the club must first submit all required paperwork during Open Enrollment and obtain approval by the Office of Student Engagement. Once the club is approved, Student Engagement will submit the required information to the Business Office in order for the club to receive an assigned Cost Center.  

A Cost Center is an account number specific to the individual club. The college cost center must be used on college forms to deposit money into or request payment for expenses out of the club account. Student Engagement will communicate the college cost center number to the Club leadership once it has been assigned.